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Yahtzee, of course!
Check out this game for up to 8 players.
Yup! It's Yahtzee!
Phil's Yahtzee
There are 3 variations here. Classic (6 sides), Pyramid (4 sides) and Diamond (8 sides).
Double Dice Poker
Similar to yahtzee except the dice have playing cards. You have to make poker hands. Good game.
Ramba Zamba
This dice game is for 1 to 4 players. You roll the dice three times per turn and there are ten turns per game. The object is to roll the highest 3 digit numbers. With each roll, you must decide where to put the number showing on the dice. You will get the hang of it!
Musical Dice Game
Want to be a composer? This is so cool! It is a game from the 1700's in which segments of music are numbered, then you roll dice (pick numbers from pull down menus) to decide which segments are played in which order. You can even select 2 instruments and print out the sheet music of your composition. FUN!!
Name That Face
Try to figure out who the celebrity is from the 5 distorted pictures of each. There are over 20 celebrities "smooshed up" here. (If you don't know what "smooshed" is, you will, when you see the pictures) :)
Stare Down Sally
Remember having staring contests with your friends? Try it against an expert.
Piercing Mildred
Here is a strange game in which you pierce, tattoo, and scar your way to prizes.
The Vineyard Challenge
How about a few grapes! Here, you find out how you will do as a wine merchant.
If you can see stereograms, check out this tough 3-D riddle.
3D-riDDle II
If you are finished with the one above, check out this bigger, better, tougher 3-D riddle.
Close Circuit
Customize your game by choosing from 3-10 dots, your character and your opponent. They are ALL wise guys!
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Computer
(Easy version) Connect the dots to form boxes. You get 1 point for each box completed and another turn.
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Computer
(Mild version)
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Computer
(Medium version)
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Computer
(Hard version)
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Computer
(Difficult version)
Pen The Pig - Human vs. Human
Here is the two player version of the game.
Where is That?
Have fun while you learn. Name the states and countries highlighted on the map. Different levels of difficulty.
Self Taught Typing
Fifteen lessons of increasing difficulty to help you master your typing skills. Then, take the typing test below.
Typing Test
This is a good test that tells you how many words per minute, how many characters per second and percent of accuracy. The only problem is, I think it always has the same paragraph to copy. (Now that you are an expert, try Alphabet Attack on my Video Games page)
There are 15 puzzles here that have numerical clues that tell you how many squares are in a "run." By these clues you have to figure out which squares to click on to correctly fill the board to create patterns. It is a timed puzzle that has "check" and "hint" features that cost you 20 or 30 seconds respectively. I think it could be addicting!
20 Questions
Think of an object and answer some questions. The computer will guess what object you are thinking of. This amazed me. I thought of something so remote that I thought it would never be guessed. WRONG!
Guess The TV Show Or Movie Name
Long title and lots of questions. This is a 20 questions type artifical intelligence game. It learns more with each players input.
Mysteries of The Day
How good a detective are you? Try the mystery of the day and find out.
You can pick up 1, 2 or 3 matches at a time. You have to try to get the computer to pick up the last match. (I still haven't done it!)
Similar to the matches game above except, the number of balls changes each time you play and sometimes the computer goes first.
Fruit Game
Another variation of the 2 games above. Even more frustrating! If you don't believe me, click on the "letters" link there and see what others have to say.
Play 31
It's you against the computer. Choose a number between 1-6 and try to be the first to reach a total of 31.
Keep It Even
Remove 6 spheres but keep the number of spheres left in each row and column even.
Bill's Towers
There are 3 pegs and 5 discs. You have to move the discs from one peg to another. Sounds easy, right?
Towers Of Hanoi
This one is nicer looking with 3-8 discs.
Towers of Hanoi
Here's a nice one. Choose 3-15 discs and if you get stuck, click on help and the computer will make your next move. For more than 10 discs, click on 10 and the next screen shows 11-15.
Test Your...Observation $$$
Win $500! There are 10 changes in each of 10 photos. You must click back and forth between the original and altered photos. (Too easy to have them on the same page.) Then click on the changes. You are playing against others and in case of a tie, additional puzzles are played down to one winner.
Finger Twister
Get the window cleaner ready for this game. You play twister by putting your fingers on your screen. (Maybe you can print it out and play on paper.)
Ball Brainteasers
Choose 6, 10 or 15 balls in this pyramid shaped puzzle. Each ball must show the difference between the 2 balls below it. For example...If you put the 4 ball on top, you would put the 1 and 5 below it because the difference between 1 and 5 is 4. Sounds simple, right?
Growing Balls
Try to fill the field with your balls and stop your opponent by blocking his.
Try to put the balls back in order by rotating them. Tricky, but you'll get the hang of it.
I never learned to play dominos but I caught on pretty quickly with this game. It's fun!
You must place 5 squares together, edge to edge to create a pentominoe. There are 12 possible combinations.
Did you find the pentominos? Now find the 35 possible, 6 square, hexominoes.
Magic Puzzler 4
Place the numbers 1-4, once in each row, column and color group. Click each square to cycle through to the desired number. If you click on "show hints," the underlined numbers can not be changed. (This game and the 3 below have the same instructions but get more difficult.)
Magic Puzzler 5
Place the numbers 1-5...
Magic Puzzler 6
Place the numbers 1-6...
Magic Puzzler 7
Place the numbers 1-7...
Let's 5
In this 9 square puzzle, you have to try to get all of the squares to number 5. Simple to play but NOT simple to DO!
Set To Zero
If you have mastered the "Let's 5" game above, check out this monster. You have to set this one all to zeros.
Try to exchange the number 1 tiles with the number 2 tiles.
Exchange Puzzle
Similar to the game above, but harder.
Retail Alphabet Game
This game and the next two are for the avid shopper. In this one, you have to identify a product or company by one letter in their logo. There is one for each letter of the alphabet.
Brand Un-awareness
Do you know the brand names associated with these generic names?
Name That Slogan
How good are you at identifying products by their slogans? I'm good at it! I must watch too much TV! :)
The Amazing Kryzelion
Insert 7 swords into the basket without sending Kryzelion to the "big funhouse in the sky."
Repeat the sequence of lights just like the electronic game. Choose from easy, medium or hard.
This Simon type game is made using Flash animation.
Eye In The Sky
Click on the pull down menu, then on eye in the sky. After an 8 page story about satellites is a fast moving, Flash, Simon type game.
Similar to Simon, click on the skulls in the order in which the eyes light up. Choose from easy, medium, hard or MENTAL.
Guess 1-100
Guess a random number from 1-100.
Guess A Number
Same as above except you set the number range.
Have the computer guess the number you are thinking, or you guess which one the computer is thinking.
Same as above, but in Italian.
Same as above, but in Spanish.
Password Paradox
Become a billionaire by guessing passwords to get through two levels of a multi-tiered security system. There are 10 passwords in each tier and one final password.
Space Lander
Your computer is down and you have to manually operate the controls to land your space module.
Find Poot
This game is FUN. Click on the yellow poot. (not boot!)
Treeloot: Free Cash!
It's not easy, but it's fun. Click on the money tree to try to find free cash.
If you like to enter contests and sweepstakes, check this out.
This site has scratch off ticket games to win tokens that can be traded for prizes.
Check out the nice assortment of games here including hangman, cross colors (lights out type game), letter master and number master (master mind type games), battleship, chess (play weekly), brain buggle (boggle type game), printable word search and my favorite, brain twister (rotate 4 numbers at a time to return them to their correct positions.)
Mylgrove Games (iDesk Games)
I had this site listed before and I don't know where they went, but they seem to be back with games like aces hi-lo, blackjack, craps, hangman, car racing and more.
This place is great. They have yahtzee, slots, bingo, horse racing, tic-tac-toe and a lot more.
Delphi Forums
This is a chat site to play scrambleword, poker, trivia, flip it and more.

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