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Learn To Play Chess
If you would like to learn to play chess, check out the 5 pages of step by step instructions here. There is also a version to print out the information and learn the game off line.
Chess For Kids
Not only is this for kids, but for anyone new at the game. This site is filled with information on the chess pieces, how they move and basic strategy.
Chess Puzzles
Once you have learned the basic chess moves, test yourself by trying some of these puzzles. Check out the "how to play" section here to learn how to enter the moves properly for this test.
Classic Chess Problems
See if you can solve these puzzles for the chess fan.
Chess Problems
See if you can mate the machine in the number of moves stated in each chess problem description.
Computer Chess
Click the top play button and the computer goes first. Click on the second, and you go first. To play, click the piece you want to move, then click the square where you want it to go and hit play. Or, if you prefer, you can type in your moves and hit play.
Postcard Chess
Play against a friend by sending an email postcard. All you need to do is enter your friend's name and email address and your name and email address, type in your move and any comments and click send. Your friend is sent a link to the chess board postcard where he/she can make a move and mail it back to you. Check it out!
GameKnot Chess
You have three different options. You can start a new game that everybody will be able to join, you can challenge another player to a game or you can invite your friends to join GameKnot.com to play you. (Webtv/Msntv use the multiplayer version, not Java)
Stan's Net Chess
Play against other people here. Find opponents of different skill levels, some that want to make only 1 or 2 moves a day and others that want to make several.
This game is in test mode, but you can play multiple games of chess at once. Click on "see" to view the board and on the game number to play.
Play chess against the computer.
This is a really good game. You can click right on the piece you want to move. (There is also a link to a good othello game here.)
Beholder Board Virtual Chess
This is a 2 player game in which you will be emailed when your opponent makes his move.
Beholder Board Chess
Same as the game above. It has a password feature so no one else can play your game. You name your board, make the first move and hit the "Update" button to email your move to your opponent.
If you like checkers, take a look here.
This one works even WITH the WebTV upgrade.
Some of the checker games haven't been working properly since the last upgrade. This one and the one above work ok.
Checkers Game Script
A good javascript checkers game. Just click on the checker and click where you want to move.
When you get there, click on "games" to play checkers.
Another good one.
I have tried all of these checker games and learned one thing...I can LOSE on any of them!
Place 8 queens on the board without invading another queens territory.
Queens by The Gamers Inn
A game of strategy using queens and a chess board. It's a challenge and it's fun. Choose from 8 levels of difficulty.
Another version of the above games.
When you place a queen, this game provides help by putting x's to show what squares that queen affects. Try it, you will get the idea.
Wolves vs. Sheep
Place 5 wolves and 3 sheep on the board so the wolves can't "get" the sheep. (m-m-m-lunch!)
Knight Exchange
Move the 3 black knights to the bottom and the 3 white knights to the top using regular knight moves. (When you finish THIS one try the one below!)
Knights by The Gamers Inn
More strategy. Don't you just love it?
Knight Moves
A BIG board requiring LOTS of moves!
Knight Moves Solution Finder
If you are totally frustrated with the Knights problem, you can always use this solution finder to help you. It still takes a little work though.
Anyone know how to pronounce that? Anyway, the blacks have to get the black king to any perimeter square. The whites have to stop him.
I had a link to this game a long time ago, then it disappeared. It is back in test mode and fun as ever. Play multiple games of Scribble (which is as close to Scrabble as you will ever get) at the same time. Just click on the board you want to play and the board is locked out to other players for a time. (About 3 minutes, I think)
Scrabble Challenge
In this game, everyone is playing the same board and letters. Once you have submitted your word, you are locked out for 30 minutes. Only the best words are added to the board which is updated every 15 hours.
Click on new game and click okay. Enter your name, email address and password and that of 3 other people and start your own game of cyber scrabble. Each person is emailed 7 random letters to play. When each person takes their turn, they must enter their word, how many points it is worth and their password. A new email is sent to each of the other players with the board update. After each turn, you are given letters to replace the used ones. Looks good and seems to work fine with WebTV!
Tic Tac Toe
Choose the size grid and number of x's and o's needed to win. A real challenge.
Game-Zone Tic Tac Toe
Great version with great graphics.
Trick Tac Toe
Tic tac toe for ghouls and goblins.
Tic Tac Toe
Tic tac toe.
Tic Tac Toe
Tic tac toe.
Tic Tac Toe
Tic tac toe.
3-D Tic Tac Toe
Tic tac toe, with a twist.
3-D Tic Tac Toe
A little more colorful version.
3-D Tic Tac Toe
This one uses the traditional X's and O's. (I still lost!)
Tic Tac Toe
Play against Freshly the smiley face. This game works very well. Fast too!
Tic Tac Toe
There are three levels of difficulty, tadpole, manatee and tiger shark. Which one are you?
Tic Tac Toe
You are either King Kahuna or Dave in this 2 player Flash tic tac toe game.
Bill's Tic-Tac-Web
O.K, so, It's not tic-tac-toe. It's tic-tac-WEB!
Sequence - No Duplicates
(5 positions/5 colors) You have 20 chances to guess the correct sequence in this Mastermind type game with no duplicate colors.
Sequence - No Duplicates
(5 positions/10 colors)
Sequence - No Duplicates
(5 positions/15 colors)
Sequence - No Duplicates
(5 positions/20 colors)
Sequence - Duplicates Allowed
(5 positions/5 colors) You have 20 chances to guess the correct sequence in this Mastermind type game with duplicate colors allowed.
Sequence - Duplicates Allowed
(5 positions/10 colors)
Sequence - Duplicates Allowed
(5 positions/15 colors)
Sequence - Duplicates Allowed
(5 positions/20 colors)
Only 6 chances to guess here. Just move over the peg color desired and click on it to place it where you want.
Customize your game. You can have up to 9 colors, 6 holes and 10 chances to guess.
Master Mind
Here is another really nice version.
You can change the number of colors (4-8) and number of positions you have to guess (4-8).
You can customize this one too. It has 3-6 colors and 4-10 positions to guess.
Mine Search
It's a blast!
Bill's Websweeper
Can you clear the board without blowing yourself up? Give it a try.
A minesweeper type game, except you are delivering pizzas.
Web MineSweeper
Be careful, here are some more mines.
Here is a good mine sweeper game. You can create your own board. Change the size and number of squares and the number of mines.
Similar to mine sweeper.
I don't know how to play backgammon, but here it is.
Connect Four
Try to get 4 of your tiles in a row before the computer opponent.
Connect Four
Nice big board that works well.
Bill's Connect
Play a little more connect four.
Connect Four
Real nice game.
Connect Four
You have to have 2 players for this one.
Connect Four
An even better 2 player game.
Five in a Row
Had enough of connect 4? Well, here is connect 5. Here you can choose a grid size from 10x10 squares to 20x20 squares.
I haven't quite figured this one out. It is a game with stones in cups and you are playing against George. I know he beat me!
O.K...This game is tough enough for me...but this one has 3 levels. Easy, intermediate and difficult. The EASY one is difficult for me :)
Mancala Snails
I lose, even in this Flash version of mancala but it's fun to watch those cute little snails. Three difficulty levels against the computer or choose the 2 player option.
Similar to mancala, this game uses stones. You may choose from 2 computer opponents. The object is to take the last stone from the last group of a randomly set amount.
A fun, and like a nice lady told me, addicting tile matching game.
This is the Net4TV version of the game.
The same great game with new tiles and colors! Take a look!
Hi-ho, hi-ho reversi we will go. (Sorry about that!)
Player options, board size and design options with this version.
Flip the opponents tile to your color. The player with the most pieces their color, wins.
Here is another good one. I guess you will have to choose.
Interactive Othello
For the new player, this place tells you your options and has 5 difficulty levels.
This link actually goes to chess, but there is a link here to a good othello game too.
The player with the most berries of their color on the board wins. Play against the computer.
Land next to the oppositions piece to capture it. The player with the most pieces when the board is full, wins.
Try to capture your opponent's starting positions. Tough game!
Chain Reaction
Here is another game I can't quite figure out.
Jump and remove tiles and try to end up with only one on the board.
Peg Jump
Jump and remove pegs until you have only one left.
Here is a good version of the peg jump game from Net4TV. As always, their games are very well done.
Here is another good peg jump game.
Chinese Solitaire
A nice big board that you can rotate for a different angle.
Chinese Checkers
More peg jump, but with 6 different patterns to choose from.
Have you ever seen the solution to this game? Now you can! Click here.
Peg Jump
Even after seeing the solution in the game above, I still can't seem to complete the game!
Peg Jump
Click the solve button here to see the solution to, not only the traditional peg jump game, but, the cross, plus, fireplace, up arrow, pyramid and diamond versions of the game!
Here is a peg jump with a twist. It is like plucking this poor fellow's last remaining hairs! OUCH!
Peg jump with 7 different starting shapes to choose from.
It's Your Turn
Interactive games such as, chess, checkers, reversi and battleship. Many with game variations.
Two player race game in which you try to be the first to get on stage to meet Hanson. Just select a square, that gives you a number, then go to the radio buttons and click on the number you were given. (for example..if the square says 4..click on the 4th radio button) If a pop up comes up, do what it says. If not, just stay where you are until your next turn. (Who IS Hanson anyway?)
Exterminator - Limited Safe
You are being chased by robots. Your only defense is to get them to crash into each other. If you are cornered, you have 2 safe teleports in this version.
Exterminator - Limited Safe/Unlimited Unsafe
You have 2 safe teleports and an unlimited number of unsafe teleports. (Unsafe, meaning you may land right on top of a robot. OUCH!)
Exterminator - Unlimited Unsafe
They are ALL unsafe in this one!
Your ship is damaged and you are trying to reach your home waters but, an enemy craft is following you. You must use your wits to outsmart him and make him crash into an iceberg.
Here come the battleships. This one is for 2 players.
More battleship. With sound effects.
It's a whole fleet!
Be sure to read the instructions for this game. It takes a minute but it is worth it.
More sinking ships!
In this version, you can modify the number of battleships, minesweepers, frigates and cruisers used each game.
DestroyersPosition your convoys and begin firing torpedos into enemy territory.
Ever play cyber darts? It's a board game. Right?

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