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iShari's Fun 'n Games~Coloring, Mazes, Connect-The-Dots, Word Search~Free games compatible with webtv/msntv.
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Sesame Street
The Sesame Street gang is here to help you learn about numbers, letters and lots more. Play connect the dots, letter search and counting games.
Print Me
Learn about safety with these print and color pictures featuring all your Sesame Street friends.
Slipper & Tipper
Two pictures of Slipper and Tipper to print and color.
Choose a picture, then color it. You can even e-mail it to your friends.
Teletubbies Coloring
Choose from a whole bunch of printable Teletubbies pictures to color.
Print & Color
Check out this print and color picture of Marco.
Coloring Book
Here are few pictures to print and color. They say there are more to come.
Coloring With Chance
Chance has a nice selection of Rugrats, Barney and Blues Clues pictures to print and color. Thanks Chance!
Elf Buddies
Choose one or all of Santa's elves to adopt. Print out and color the black and white version or print a full color picture of each. They each have their own story too.
Rugrats Coloring Book
Print and color all of your favorite Rugrats. Archives with more pictures too!
Storytime Coloring
There are 5 printable pictures and 1 blank page to draw and color your own picture.
Barnyard Buddies
Print and color all your Barnyard Buddies such as Gary Goat, Roberta Rabbit and Bruce Bull.
KidsCom Mazemadness
Choose easy or challenging, click the arrows under the picture to change the maze, then click on the picture to go to the print page.
KidsCom Coloring
Lots of pictures of Iggey, Kimma and Rasper to print, color and create your own KidsCom coloring book.
Texas Animals
Print and color pictures of animals found in different parts of Texas such as a lion, turkey, eagle and roadrunner. When you select a picture to color, there is a black screen so you won't see the picture until you print it out.
Jay Jay The Jet Plane
Print and color pictures of Jay Jay, E.Z. O'Malley and more.
Fisher Price
Six really cute pictures to print and color such as an elephant, sandcastle and happy apple.
Sabrina Coloring Book
If you like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, here are some printable coloring pages for you.
Archie Comics Coloring Book
This is where to go for Archie coloring pages. But, let's not forget Veronica, Betty and Jughead.
Sonic Coloring Pages
Here are some print and color Sonic the Hedgehog pages. (I always liked blue.)
Lost Treasure
Try to find the lost treasure hidden in the picture.
Holiday Fun Page
Lots of printable holiday puzzles, word search, scrambled words and mazes here.
Archie Printables
Here is a nice selection of printable games for kids including scrambles, word finds and mazes. Some are coloring pages too!
Adventures Of Ready Rooster
See description below.
Further Adventures Of Ready Rooster
This link and the one above have about 30 pages to print and play. They include mazes, coloring, connect the dots and find the hidden objects to name a few.
Click the pull down menu and go to "printable games" for connect-the-dots, word search and coloring pages.
Pokemon Word Search
This link and the next 2 are printable word search puzzles featuring Pokemon characters. Once all the names are found, the remaining letters reveal a hidden message.
Pokemon Word Search
Number 2.
Pokemon Word Search
Number 3.
BlackDog's Printable Mazes
Sixteen fun, printable mazes to choose from.
Print this maze to help the Cat in the Hat find his birthday hat.
Connect The Dots
Print and solve this Cat in the Hat connect the dot puzzle.
Connect The Dots
Print this puzzle to see if you can see what Marco saw.
How To Draw Cartoons
Hey kids, get some paper and a pencil and learn how to draw cartoons!
Hidden Pictures
Learn to draw pictures with hidden objects.
Slylock Fox
Learn how to draw. Pick from a bunch of pictures here or have one sent to your email each week.
Cartoon With Kat
Here you can draw a cartoon with Kat.
Word Search
Find the names of the Toon Center family in this word search game.
Word Search
There is a large selection of printable puzzles here! I like the one with the candy bar names. YUM!
Word Detective
Choose ready made easy, medium, hard or expert word search puzzles here or, create your own to print out or play online.
Connect The Dots
Play online or print out the 4 puzzles from Toon Center.
Click on the Flash version of this dot2dot game for 3 pictures that animate when they are completed. You can even email them to a friend!
Connect The Dots
Click the pull down menu, then on connect the dots. This Flash game will animate if you complete your mission.
Make colorful dot paintings here. You can customize the picture size, dot size and shape and palette colors.
Check it out. It works like an etch-a-sketch.
This is like using an etch-a-sketch. You can choose from 10 different colors, brush, pencil, or bucket.
TV Paint
Here is a good full screen dot paint.
Click on "pictures" to choose from 8 different ones to paint.
Print and color these certificates to give to your family and friends. Some are for holidays and some are just because they are special.
Teletubbies Calendars
Choose which of the 12 pictures to use for each month, then print and color your own Teletubby calendar.

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