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Kidspsych 1-5
Very cute assortment of Flash animation games to help teach children ages 1-5 colors and shapes.
Kidspsych 6-9
Here are some Flash animation games for children 6-9 teaching logic, memory skills, puzzle solving and more. (I really liked Doughnut Dilemma)
The Maze
Just click on the maze and move around until a portal appears then click on it to go in that direction.
Eggy Maze
Omelete needs your help getting through he maze to find Eggy. There is just one problem. To get to Eggy, Omelete must push the correct button. Can you find it? (Flash)
This Simon type game is made using Flash animation.
Eye In The Sky
Click on the pull down menu, then on eye in the sky. After an 8 page story about satellites is a fast moving, Flash, Simon type game.
Three misses and you lose in this Flash jumping game. Help Eggy jump over 20 bombs in his minecar and be entered for the monthly drawing.
Short game in whch you step, leap, jump and PRAY your way through a minefield. Can you make it without hearing the big "KABOOM?"
Click on the jump button when the power level is just right to get Scrambles across the screen. Complete three tricky levels to be eligible for the monthly prize drawing. (Flash)
Flash Battle Clowns
You will be given a sequence of lights to repeat before the timer runs out. If you succeed, Clown will play a trick on his friend. If not, it's the other way around.
Pop as many balloons as you can in 50 seconds by clicking on the robots to make them hop. You need good timing for this one!
Balldrop 2
Help Eggy drop a ball into a bucket, knock down bowling pins and knock the pins into the bucket to be eligible for a monthly prize drawing.
Boogle Killer
These guys are almost too cute to kill. Choose from easy, hard or very hard. It even tells you how many you miss.
Tic Tac Toe
You are either King Kahuna or Dave in this 2 player Flash tic tac toe game.
Body Parts
Just a fun little mix and match body parts game using the Kahunaville characters.
Flash animation vegetable dressing game. Pick an ear of corn, egg plant, carrot or other vegetable then when you are finished adding eyes, nose, mouth, etc...you can eat it, rot it or make it dance!
Egg Decorating Studio
Choose your egg design then use the colors to paint it the way you want. When you are finished, you can fry it, bounce it or do other fun things to it. (Flash)
Mancala Snails
I lose, even in this Flash version of mancala but it's fun to watch those cute little snails. Three difficulty levels against the computer or choose the 2 player option.
Here's a little different lights out type game. It is done using Flash animation. Try to get all of the cats into the holes at the same time.
Mouse Hunt
Now that you are finished with the cats, here are some mice to play with. Click on the mouse to see what danger befalls him. Click on him again to release him. Recapture him for a new danger. Click on the top mouse trap to start the game.
Archie's friend Betty is ready for a new hairdo. How about helping her choose one? (Flash)
Model Madness
Veronica dreams of being a model. Check out some of her first modeling jobs. (Flash)
Puzzling Pepperonis
Find and click on the pepperoni that will take you to the next level. If you take too long, you go back one level. If you click on a green pepperoni, you go back to the beginning. (Flash)
Old West Shoot 'Em Up
Test your speed against this strange bunch of characters. Click on "go" then hit your space bar to shoot as soon as you see the bad guy go for his gun. (Flash)
Shooting Gallery
Click on the gun at just the right time to hit the target. Get 10 hits before you get 10 misses to win the game. (Flash)
Atomic Ball
Click on as many balls as you can in 30 seconds. There is no counter, so you have to keep track yourself. (Flash)
Steal the fuel and shoot 'em up in this side scrolling Flash game. No need to click on the targets. Just pass your pointer over them to score. You have to be accurate, though. Only the TIP of the pointer seems to score a hit!
Destroy enemy ships as they enter from hyperspace before they can penetrate Earth's defences.
Robot Shoot
In this game you must shoot the robots. And I have another hint for you. You don't run out of time, but you DO run out of ammo. So, the best way to play is watch where the robots go and wait for them to repeat their path. Hit your arrow key once then hit return to fire. If you hit 15 robots out of 30 shots you win the game.
Ring Toss
Use the power meter to decide when to toss the rings in this 3 level Flash game. If you complete all 3 levels with a perfect score, you may enter your name for the monthly prize drawing.
Ball Toss 2
Similar to the game above. Click on the hand to toss the ball when the power meter is just right and complete all 3 levels to be entered for a monthly prize drawing. (Flash)
Here we go hoop shooters. Make all six shots without a miss to be entered for the monthly prize. (Flash)
Flash Bandicoot
Well, I don't know what a Bandicoot is, but the object is to collect the cans. All you have to do is click the box at the lower right of the game screen to jump and collect the cans while avoiding the porcupines. If the can is on the ground, run into it without jumping.
The Microbe
This little game will have you going in circles. You must move the cursor box on the game screen to change the ink blots to help the blue microbe reach the red dot. I sounds strange, but you will get the idea when you try it.
Mr. Leaky
Here is a cute Flash game in which you have to find the ways to save water.
Math Mission
Help Captain Zoom complete his Flash, space adventure by clicking the pull down menu, then on math mission. You have to add, subtract, multiply and divide to complete the mission.
Click on the Flash version of this dot2dot game for 3 pictures that animate when they are completed. You can even email them to a friend!
Connect The Dots
Click the pull down menu, then on connect the dots. This Flash game will animate if you complete your mission.
Here is a nice 5 number, Flash slider puzzle.
Love Machine
O.K...So maybe you and your sweetie aren't compatible. Answer these few questions to see who you ARE compatible with. (Flash)
Planet Trivia
Here is a nice little Flash trivia game that will help you learn about the planets.
Archie Trivia
Trivia about your favorite Archie comics characters. (Flash)
Tinseltown Trivia
Test your knowledge of Oscar winning actors, actresses and movies in this Flash game.
Star Wars Trivia
How much do you know about the Star Wars Trilogy? Let's find out!
Movie Trivia 1
More for the movie fan-atics with 2 more to come.
Movie Trivia 2
You really haven't seen ALL of those movies...have you?
Movie Trivia 3
WOW...The video store must LOVE you!
007 Trivia
Up on your 007 trivia? You know..Bond..James Bond. Take this quiz to find out.
Treasures Of The Deep
Test your knowledge of ship wrecks and deep sea diving with this Flash trivia game.
Even though you don't see too much breakdancing any more, check out this great Flash dance class. You can learn each move step by step with an animation to show you how it is SUPPOSED to look. If I was doing it...they would call it breakleg or breakarm!

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