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Ever want to tug a pirates ear? Check out this cute little slot machine. Start with 25 credits and play FREE. If you run out of credits, wait an hour and try again. Why? They pay $100 cash weekly for the highest score. It's worth the return visit! Whoo! Hoo!
If you decide to play for real cash, try SlotLand.com. But first, check out PayPal to transfer money from your checking account or credit card. Signing up for a PayPal account is easy and free. It only takes a couple of minutes, and if you complete the bonus requirements PayPal will automatically add $5 to your account balance. (Great for shopping online, auctions and other internet purchases too.)
Want to play for real? Eight great machines including poker and blackjack and a $10 bonus just for joining. Big progressive jackpots too!
MegaPlay Casino
For those of you who like to play for REAL, I think this casino has the largest assortment of WebTV/MsnTV compatible games. Try your luck at several varieties of slot machines, 4 variations of video poker, American double or British single roulette and variations of blackjack like the games found in your favorite Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.
One Click & Play Casino
A play for free or for real casino that offers slots, video poker, keno, blackjack, Caribbean stud and battle royal.
Sports Interaction
If you enjoy wagering on sporting events, horse races, boxing, football and more, check this out. Located, licensed and regulated in North America, but you can bet in your own currency.
Are you getting ready to take a trip? Play and stay on the strip for free! If you like to gamble, it's easier than you think. Find out how, here!
The Best No-Download Casino on the Web! Play slots, keno, video poker and blackjack. For FREE or for REAL.
WebTV/MsnTV Casino
Check out these great FREE games created especially for WebTV/MsnTV including Treasure Slot, BlackJack, Video Poker and Baccarat.
Fantastic FREE site full of casino style games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, craps..even BINGO!!
7 Stars Casino
Another play free or for real casino. The Flash casino doesn't seem to work with WebTV, but the HTML version does. The have slots, keno, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and craps. Moves a little slow, but nice graphics.
Atlantis Gaming
Play for cash or spend some of those "virtual bucks" playing a slot machine, video poker or some of your other casino favorites.
Ace Slots
The slots here will make you HUNGRY! Check it out!
Hot Slots
This slot game from Net4TV has nudge and hold features. The number that flashes on the top left of the machine tells you how many times you can nudge the reels to try to create a winning combination.
Game Pod Slot Machine
Nothing fancy, but fun.
Slot Machine
Just one and just for fun.
Slot Machine
Here is another good one.
Slot Machine
I go broke REAL fast with this slot machine. It only starts you out with $10. It is still FUN though!
Slot City
Choose from different style machines. Free and fun.
Ace Keno
Pick 1-15 numbers then choose bet, bet against or catch all. See if you can make the leader board.
Check out a little casino style keno. Free of course!
Not a lot of graphics, but fun just the same.
Poker by The Gamers Inn
A fun free draw poker game.
Petie's Poker Page
Here is a fun jacks or better video poker game.
Video Poker
Video poker from Kahunaville. This game plays fast but the picture cards are a little hard to read. Start with $100 and play $1 each hand.
Bill's Video Poker
Another jacks or better video poker game.
Net Poker
Enter your name and e-mail address to continue with your previous bank or start with the default bank of $100. (virtual of course) Set chip value from 25 to $5.00 and bet 1-5 chips per hand.
Super Poker
Try playing 5 poker hands at once.
Poker Solitaire
Try to make the 10 best possible poker hands. Five across and five down.
Probabiity Poker
Learn poker probabilities as you play the game. Educational, huh?
5-Card Draw
Live, from Reno, Nevada. (at least they SAY they're live.)
Ace Deuces Wild Video Poker
Bet 1-5 credits, choose large or small cards and a background. The large cards are LARGE CARDS!
Deuces Wild
Try a little free deuces wild.
One-Eyed Jacks Wild
This is a five card draw poker game. Love those wild cards.
Multi Deck Poker
No wild cards here, but there are TEN decks.
Ace is high in this poker variation in which you need the LOWEST hand to win.
Deuces & One-Eyed Jacks Wild
This is 5 card draw and with all the wild cards, you need 3 of a kind or better to win.
Start with 25 points with this pai-gow poker game. You can bet up to half your total points. Win up to 500 points and sign the roster of champions.
Game Pod Poker
You can fold, call or raise against the computers hand in this good poker game.
Texas Hold'em
Ante up for a little Texas hold'em..or..
Caribbean Stud
..there's always Caribbean stud.
Game-Zone Blackjack
Real nice game with tips on how to play.
Blackjack by the Gamers Inn
More for the blackjack fan.
Ace Blackjack
With this 2 deck game you can practice card counting and learn basic strategy for when you play the real thing.
Casino Time
You can play video poker, blackjack and even play in blackjack tournaments here.
This one has a pop-up that says "ha-ha you lose." Rude isn't it?
No special description, just blackjack.
Single Deck Blackjack
Not only is this single deck, but it had a card counter built right in. Isn't math wonderful?
Deuces Wild Video Blackjack
This is a new one on me. I've seen deuces wild poker but not blackjack.
Globe Blackjack
Here is another good blackjack. Start with $1,000 cyberbucks.
I hope you get 21.
Game Pod Blackjack
Good game except the dealer wins on a push. BOO!! HISS!!
Gin Rummy
How about a game of gin? Play against someone you find in the chat room or against Sancho the robot.
Hollywood Gin
Click on "how" for instructions on how to play Hollywood Gin against Sancho the robot.
If you have been wanting to learn the game baccarat, now is your chance. Play free.
I never learned to play bridge, but this looks like a good one.
Grand Slam Bridge
Play against the "robot" here. I think this is a good way for me to learn the game.
Remember the first card game you learned as a kid? Well, here it is!
Cribbage Squares
Use cribbage scoring to create the 4 best hands across and down.
Play against the robot in this cribbage game finally made for WebTV.
Card Games
You can't play here, but you can learn descriptions and rules for card games around the world. Also has links to games you CAN play.
Just what you were looking for, FREE interactive games for cash prizes. Try your luck at bingo, draw poker and a Yahtzee type dice game.
Bingo Contest
This is free bingo contest. Play for points toward a cash prize. Three games weekly.
Club King Bingo
Free online bingo games for cash prizes. There are 6 different games to play to build up points toward a cash prize. The games are slightly confusing at first, but the system seems to work well with WebTV.
Packy's Free Games
Want something for nothing? Check out Packy's where you can win cash and prizes playing slots, keno, bingo, lotto and more. All free, all fun! :)
4 Freebie Stuff
Are you the next big winner? Play free games and find out. Win cash and prizes! Check out the free give-aways while you are there!
Casino Center
Online casino info, magazines, gift shop, and trip planner.


Just like your state lottery only free! Play LuckySurf.com to win $1-million. I play this every day. They have weekly prizes for answering trivia questions too. They even email you the results!
Choose 7 numbers between 1 and 63 for a chance to win one million dollars. Registered members can play 20 tickets a day with chances to win more. More cash and bonus prizes too...And it's FREE!
Bay 9 $1,000,000.00 Giveaway!
Enter every hour, every day for major cash and prizes! No gimmicks. Don't miss out! Get your chance at $1,000,000.00 today!
The Birthday Game
Were you born? Enter your birthday and you could win $5 Million!
No cash involved. Just pick 6 numbers to see how you would do in this California style lottery.
Lottery America
Results and info for all U.S. lottery games.
Lotto Shop
Go here for international lottery results and info.
Type in your lottery numbers and state and get results by e-mail. This is not to play lottery, just get results.
Random Numbers
Type in how many numbers and the number range and get random lottery numbers.


Daily Racing Form
Entries, results etc.. for thoroughbred racing.
Daily Racing Form
If you want to go directly to the results page, click here.
New York Racing Association
News from Belmont, Aqueduct, and Saratoga.
U.S. Trotting Association
Harness racing news, entries, and results.
Great site for info on American and UK tracks. You can get entries, results, scratches, jockey and trainer info and even tips on handicapping. Online horse racing magazines and links to other stuff too.
Horse Tracks From Around the World
Get info on tracks from North America, Britain, and around the world.
Horse players, check this out. You can have up to the minute odds and results for up to 5 tracks at a time. For webtv, follow the supertote link to the page without frames. Free service.
Racing Channel
Here is another good one. You can get exactas, quinellas, trifectas, entries, changes, results and more for thoroughbreds, harness and even greyhounds. I think I'm in heaven!

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