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Free ecards for all occasions and holidays. (Flash cards too!) Or, if you are pressed for time and an ecard won't do, try sending one of their paper cards. Great price and selection AND saves a trip to the drugstore! :)
Blue Mountain Arts and Electronic Greeting Cards
Send animated greeting cards to family and friends. They are FREE and they are GREAT!
CrossDaily ECards
Large selection of all occasion ecards including Christian cards, holidays and chocolate kisses.
Hadoe's Printshop
Webtv-ers!! Over 200 printable greeting cards, address labels, business cards and lots more.
Hadoe Card Envelope
Yes, you can print out the envelopes for Hadoe cards.
Cards By Ginnger
Whoo! hoo! Finally, some half fold cards printable with WebTV. Birthdays, holidays, Halloween and lots of other occasions.
More Cards By Ginnger
Just like the name says. MORE half fold cards for WebTVers to print out. Choose from Valentine's, get well, Mother's and Father's day, anniversary and many others.
Envelope Express
Now that we have half fold cards, we need envelopes, right? Dell has solved THAT problem. Thanks Dell!
Postcard Chess
Play against a friend by sending an email postcard. All you need to do is enter your friend's name and email address and your name and email address, type in your move and any comments and click send. Your friend is sent a link to the chess board postcard where he/she can make a move and mail it back to you. Check it out!
Another fun place to send cards.
123 Greetings
You guessed it, more cards.
This site even had fine art cards, like DaVinci and Rembrandt.
Postcards From Hawaii
Awesome Cyber Cards
PC Greetings
Greeting cards and postcards for all occasions.
1-800-Florals-Virtual Flowers and Gifts
You can send virtual flowers here too!
Webcards by Postcards From the Web
Select background color, music and pictures. A very nice selection.
All Yours Digital Postcards
400 images and 100 music files to choose from.
Mail a Meal-Gourmet Postcards
M-M-M Looks good. ;)
Cute custom made kisses. Take a look!
Say It Talking Cards
Now you can send a singing card. Lots of still or animated pictures to choose from and TONS of songs.
KeyTrax MusiCards
The site is a litle confusing at first, but they have a huge selection of graphics, music, and things to customize your cards.
Mr.Blunt Cards
If you are a fan of Hip Hop, B.I.G., Tupac, R&B and more, check out Mr. Blunt's collection.
We Got Cards
Here is a different selection of cards. All the usual holidays and a section of wacky, tacky, rude and crude cards for all occasions. Some unusual music too. (Flash cards here do not work with WebTV.)
Amazing Greeting Cards
Large selection to choose from. Everything from airplanes to cartoons.
Tess's Free Cyber Greetings
Very cute.Take a look.
Swappers and Collectors-Postcards
Large selection of animals, landscapes, sunsets, and much more. Choose text colors and music too.
Nice selection of birthday, friendship, funny, romantic and thank you cards here. They even have email invitations for your parties or other special events.
American Greetings
Scroll down to "online greetings" to send animated or interactive ecards. (Sorry, but the printable cards don't work with WebTV.)
4 My Love Cards
Nice assortment of all occasion and secret admirer cards to send to your sweetie.
Cosmiverse Cards
Here are a few for the outer space fans. Pictures of planets, the moon and even an alien. Add music such as the themes from Star Wars, Outer Limits, The X Files and others.
Magic Cards
Here is a nice selection for magic fans. The postcards are black and white, magic related pictures such as cards, rabbits and top hats and you can add music.
Create A Fart
Choose duration, bouquet, type and density. You can create a real stinker here!
If you have trouble expressing yourself, check out Cyrano. Just add a few words (mad-lib style) and let Cyrano write your love (or breakup) letter for you. Pretty funny!
Message In A Bottle
Here is something a little different. Type a message, put it in a bottle and toss it into the internet sea. You don't know where it will turn up, but you will receive one from someone else that tossed a bottle.
KidBibs Awards
Select from several titles such as Good Friend, Super Citizen and Persistent Pupil. Then select a text color and graphic. Now you are ready to email or print your award.
Pokemon Greeting Cards
Now you can send Pokeman greeting cards. Pick the style, letter color and background. (Thanks Kevin!)
Teletubbies Postcards
Send your friends one of these Teletubbies postcards. Big hug!
Sesame Street E-Cards
Take a look at the cute Sesame Street e-cards to send your family and friends.
Sesame Street Post Office
Send an email to your favorite Sesame Street friend and receive a reply the next day.
Kididdles Kards
Send one of these cute, colorful cards to your friends. Choose background and text colors and add your own message.
Curious George ECards
Here is a selection of Curious George cards to send to your monkey loving friends.
JayZeeBear Postcards
Check out the cards here featuring JayZeeBear and his friends. (Sorry, but the puzzle cards don't work with WebTV)

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