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Beat The Dictionary
Try to guess the word in this hangman style game. You can be incorrect 9 times before the cover of the dictionary is filled in. Click on "definition" to find out what the word means without revealing the answer.
Hangman Challenge
This is a little different from the usual Hangman game. Simply type a letter in the box then move to the next box. If the letter was incorrect, it will disappear and the figure moves one step closer to his doom.
Hillbilly Hangman
When you are trying to guess the word, remember this is HILLBILLY hangman!
Blue letters are unused, green are used and red are used but not in the current word. Choose from normal, bizzare or hard words.
I bet you can't guess what this is.
Yet another...
Hangman by The Gamers Inn
Another fun word game.
Save the poor little bear from hanging.
Another fun hangman game.
Bill's Hangman
They are hanging another little man!
Here is the easy version...
...and here is the hard version.
BlackDog's Hangman
If you know the presidents of the U.S. try this hangman game.
BlackDog's Hangman
You will find states in the U.S. in this version.
Kid's Hangman
A hangman game with the younger surfer in mind.
This one's a little more graphic.
Here is an unusual style hangman game.
Snobby Hangman
Check out these words! They even supply a dictionary so you can see what they mean.
Fourteen skill levels ranging from 3-letter words to 18-letter words. A real challenge.
This one gives you a hint about the answer.
This game is in test mode and you can choose from many different words. If you guess the right word, you can submit a new word for the next player.
This one has a "Jurassic Park" theme.
Clue Me In
Solve this free hangman type game in the least amount of time and with the least amount of clues to win points you can trade in for an Amazon Books gift certificate.
A cross between hangman, trivia and Wheel Of Fortune. Pick a category from literary, geography or ad slogans then pick a difficulty level. Now try to guess the phrase from the clue given.
Word Guess
Tricky word guessing game with NO hanging man.
Wheel Of Fortune
Spin, pick a letter, but a vowel...you may play against someone else or choose solo mode.
Save the Freak
I think this guy is beyond saving!
Can you ever have enough hangman?
Tricky Tree
Each correct guess adds decorations to your Christmas tree. Get them all right and go on to the "trickier tree." Complete that one and go to the "trickiest tree." (Hint: If you read the stories of Santa's elves here you will learn the "trickiest" answer.)
Biblical Hangman
Not only can you test your biblical vocabulary here, but they have trivia bits so you can learn while you play.
Bible Phrase Hangman
This hangman game uses whole phrases instead of 1 or 2 words. (old testament)
Bible Phrase Hangman
This hangman game uses whole phrases instead of 1 or 2 words. (advanced old testament)
Bible Phrase Hangman
This hangman game uses whole phrases instead of 1 or 2 words. (new testament)
Bible Phrase Hangman
This hangman game uses whole phrases instead of 1 or 2 words. (advanced new testament)
Wait for all of the letters to load before you start this game. You get one point for each correct word, but the computer gets a point for each word you do not guess in 6 tries.
Classic Phrase Hangman
This hangman game uses whole phrases instead of 1 or 2 words.
More word fun and another little man to hang.
You know the routine. Enter a letter and press return.
Alice's Guessing Game
Try to guess the "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass" characters in this hangman type game.
MediEvil Hangman
The contest advertising Sony's MediEvil game for PlayStation is over, but you can still play the hangman game here.
James Bond Hangman
Is 007 your hero? Try this hangman game to see how much you know.
This one is a little different. They are hanging a spider instead of a man.
Hang Dog
Try to guess the word before Cruncher steals all of Ralf's bones.
Word Guess
Try to guess words having to do with propane. Click the hint button for a clue to the word.
The pop-ups are in German, but the game is in English!

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