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Draac's School of HTML
If html is new to you, here is a good place to start.
Email Faq
Have some html questions? Well, here are some answers.
Apollo's HTML Help
A step by step guide to html basics.
Titan's Realm
More advanced html tricks for webtv.
HTML For Webtv E-mail
Here you can get many answers to your html questions.
Toy Box
Tips and tricks on transparency, backgrounds and text effects.
Webtv Junky's Color Chart
If you are having trouble picking background and text colors, here is one good place to look...
Colour Convertor
...and here is another good place to look. Just click the arrows to gradually change the background colour then use the code given when you see your desired colour. GREAT!
Color Chart
When you choose a color here, the code shows in the status bar and you can click on the color to see it full screen. Really well done.
Hype's Color Specifier
Just click on a color name to see what it looks like full screen. Great for picking out a background color.
The Source
Test text colors on background images, extract image urls, a calculator, a dictionary and other web tools.
Image Wrecker
If you want to experiment with the size of a gif, this is the place to go.
A great place to resize, customize, optimize, and all those other "izes." And it's FREE too!
A great site to chop, crop and flip, flop your gifs. If you need help getting started, click on the tutorial link there.
The Freeloader
This is a free file transloader. (even the big ones!)
Image Search
Try here if you are looking for a certain gif or jpg to use on your homepage. Just type in what you are looking for and click on one of the search engines.
Backgrounds Paradise
Here is another good place for backgrounds with links to many more.
Background Gallery
Nice selection of webpage backgrounds. For WebTV, click on the preview to get a full screen shot. Hit your "go to" button, then "show current" and change the .html to .gif for the url of the background to transload it to your directory.
Gads Of Backs
Nice site of textured backgrounds categorized by color. Good selection.
Great Backs
Lots of wonderful backgrounds, all categorized.
Porkchop's Backgrounds
Beautiful backgrounds, sets, bars and clipart for use on your homepage. Choose from checks, wood, spray can (my favorites), diamonds, seamless and lots more.
Gman's Cool Stuff
Take a look here for gifs, ircs, banner builders and lots more.
Sandy's Pot 'O Gold
A lot of free backgrounds and gifs.
Sharron's Space
If you like angels and elephants, go here. Beautiful backgrounds, too.
Anne's Place
A very nice selection of gifs and backgrounds. Angels, bears, holidays, seasons and lots more.
The Golden Egg
There are some very nice flower and bunny gifs and jpgs here.
Animated Gifs
Lots of good animations here.
Aviation Animation
If your a fan of planes, choppers, blimps or just about anything in the air, check out this fantastic site. They have cartoon style planes too.
Create your own free animated banner. Scroll down and click on "Try it for free."
Small, but interesting selection of website graphics.
Free Graphics 4 Webbers
More free linkable graphics. Nice site.
Animation Factory
11,000 free, all categorized animations.
Animation City
212 cool animated gifs.
Check out these talented people that will create a Flash animation for use on your homepage or in your email. They are GREAT!
Here is another wonderful site that will create free custom graphics. They are all created by volunteers...so don't forget the thank you!!
Dewitt Industries
Make your own buttons, icons, and web art then, use the "trans-missle" on site to transload your goodies. Lots of great animations, backgrounds and other things too. Definately worth a visit!
Aina's Email Sigs
Check out these wonderful email signatures that include background, text color, graphic and music.
Big Daddy's Gifs to Go
In addition to the gifs, there are midis and bamboo letters here.
Here is an index of several different alphabets. Many are unique and colorful.
A nice assortment of letters. Some animated.
Check this place out! You can create your own bullets, buttons, and banners FREE! (Thanks to Batman_47 for sending me the link!)
Flaming Text
Create your own logo, text, image or banner FREE!
Nifty Text
Create your own nifty text for your homepage.
Make Your Own
Create your own color and text scheme for your homepage.
The Club House
Check out "The Kid" for Real Audio, midis, wavs, webpage and e-mail help and a lot more.
Find Sounds
Look for sound files like creaky doors, dogs barking, rain falling and slot machine sounds...not to mention certain bodily functions :) or anything else. You can email the sounds to a friend too.
The Daily.Wav
Check out the wav and midi files here.
Internet Weird Stuff Midi File Page
Fun music and nice sounds.
A Passion4Jazz
Wonderful, jazz midis here featuring piano solos, small groups and big band sounds. You can't help tapping your foot.
Gary's Midi Madness
Great collection of jazz, blues, country and more.
Searching the Internet for a Certain Midi File
This place is great if you want a specific song for your page.
Bell Labs Text to Speech
Type some text and hear it spoken with different fun voices.
Site Inspector
Free inspection of your site. Checks load time, HTML validity, browser compatibility and more.
How To Use Meta Tags
This site helped me understand meta tags when I wanted to submit my site to search engines.
WebTv Shortcuts
Keyboard command shortcuts for webtv.
Webtv Keyboard Shortcuts
More little tricks for the wireless keyboard.
Wired PC Keyboard Hints
Some hints for those using a wired keyboard.
WebSter's Dictionary
Type in the url of your homepage and WebSter will check the spelling. A great tool!
Word Processor
You can type a letter or resume on your webtv and print it out. Make sure you read the instructions.
Cut and Paste Javascript
There are a lot of codes here for calendars, guestbooks, and other javascripts to copy.
Have a cause? Create your own ribbon or icon. Choose a graphic, text style, size and color and background color.
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