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Preschooler Homepage
Help your preschooler build his or her very own free homepage. Very cute.
Kidspsych 1-5
Very cute assortment of Flash animation games to help teach children ages 1-5 colors and shapes.
Kidspsych 6-9
Here are some Flash animation games for children 6-9 teaching logic, memory skills, puzzle solving and more. (I really liked Doughnut Dilemma)
Brain Teasers
One new logic problem each week for grades 3/4, 5/6 and 7+. Archives of past problems too.
Mr. Leaky
Here is a cute Flash game in which you have to find the ways to save water.
Teletubbies Interactive
Follow the footprints to find out who spilled the Tubby custard.
Rugrats Adventure
Join Tommy and all the Rugrats in an adventure where you decide what happens next.
Cathy's Quest
Help Cathy find the ingredients to make a magical map. When you do, you can print it out and color it!
Slider Puzzle
If it's a slider puzzle you want to try, check out this one of a butterfly.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Here is a good 6 piece jigsaw puzzle for the little ones.
Kat's Lost In The Woods
Will you be the friend to help Kat find his way home through the woods?
Buzz & Honey
Try to get Buzz home to Honey.
Help Rollette get through the garden maze without touching any bugs. EEEK!
Eggy Maze
Omelete needs your help getting through he maze to find Eggy. There is just one problem. To get to Eggy, Omelete must push the correct button. Can you find it? (Flash)
Headbone Zone
Play "Rags To Riches"-"Price Of Fame"-"Hack.Back" and more. Play for prizes.
Kids Karaoke
Hey kids, sing along with your favorite songs here.
Make Your Own Teletubbies
Pick a "tubbie" choose a color then name him.
Click on "go fishing," then stop each section one at a time. You can come up with some pretty strange fish!
Apple Corps
Like Mr. Potato Head but with apples, pumpkins, eggplant and other interesting characters.
Flash animation vegetable dressing game. Pick an ear of corn, egg plant, carrot or other vegetable then when you are finished adding eyes, nose, mouth, etc...you can eat it, rot it or make it dance!
Egg Decorating Studio
Choose your egg design then use several colors to paint it just the way you want. When you are finished, you can fry it, bounce it or several other fun things to it. (Flash)
Tired of the mess of pumpkin carving? Create your own vitrual Jack-O-Lantern.
Build your very own baby to adopt using parts from your favorite Rugrats characters.
Build A Monster
This is good for the little ones. Pick the head, body and feet to create your own monster.
Body Parts
Just a fun little mix and match body parts game using the Kahunaville characters.
More fun with faces. Choose a hairstyle and some eyes. Pick a nose (tee hee) and select a mouth. Then hit animate to see what happens.
Closet Freaks
Help this guy decide what outfit he is wearing today. Strange combinations.
Archie's friend Betty is ready for a new hairdo. How about helping her choose one? (Flash)
Model Madness
Veronica dreams of being a model. Check out some of her first modeling jobs. (Flash)
Elfinize Santa's Van
Santa must be into Chevys because there are 3 of them here to customize. Pick the body, roof and wheels for some pretty wild combinations. You can email it or print it out too.
Naughty Or Nice
Just type in your name to see how you rate on Santa's list.
Sunday Stumper
Sometimes it's a word seek. Sometimes it's a complete the cartoon. You may even win a prize.
Puzzling Pepperonis
Find and click on the pepperoni that will take you to the next level. If you take too long, you go back one level. If you click on a green pepperoni, you go back to the beginning. (Flash)
Virtual Dude
Not really a game, just move your cursor around the dude's face and see what happens.
Touch The Frog
If you liked virtual dude, you'll love touch the frog!
Zelda Quest
You won't find a game here, but Josh says his site is the "#1 Source" for Zelda news. I believe him!
Spill The Milk
A kids hangman game. Help Peetie the cow kick over the pail of milk by guessing the correct letters.
BlackDog's Hangman
These puzzles are U.S. presidents.
BlackDog's Hangman
These puzzles are states in the U.S.
Nutcracker Hangman
Here is a good hangman for kids.
More hangman for the kids.
Did You Know?
All sorts of interesting facts about nature and wildlife from Ranger Rick.
Fun Trivia-Kid's
Trivia games about Rug Rats, Blues Clues, Disney, Calvin, Teletubbies, TV, movies and a lot more!
Planet Trivia
Here is a nice little Flash trivia game that will help you learn about the planets.
Archie Trivia
Trivia about your favorite Archie comics characters. (Flash)
USA Presidents
Just type in the number president you want to know and this will tell you who it was.
USA Trivia
Click on a state and this will tell you the capital, when it was admitted to the union, the flower and bird.
The aliens called Grunndargh, passing through our solar system, are planning to take over Earth. Why? Because they don't feel we Humans know enough about our Earth to run it very well. Can you prove you are a GeoChampion and save Earth? (Geography trivia for grades 4 and up)
The Beasty Game
Much like 20 questions, think of an animal, answer some questions and see if the computer can guess the animal you are thinking of.
Pokemon Quiz
O.K. Pokemon fans, now is your chance to see how much you REALLY know!
Pokemon List
Here is a printable list of all 251 Pokemon in alphabetical order. Pokemon List
This one lists all 251 Pokemon in numerical order.
Kids Midi Movie Quiz
Pick which movie the songs come from.
Rick's Riddles
Here are some riddles from Ranger Rick. Can you figure them out?
Robob's Word Scramble
This is a word scramble and riddle game all in one. Unscramble the words to get the answer to the riddles.
Kid's Riddles
If you like riddles, here are 25 of them to stump your friends. (Maybe Mom and Dad, too!)
Count The Flies
Just count the flies, not the bees.
Math Baseball
Solve math problems to score a single, double, or maybe even a home run! You can have 1 or 2 players with skill levels from easy to superbrain.
Math Mission
Help Captain Zoom complete his Flash, space adventure by clicking the pull down menu, then on math mission. You have to add, subtract, multiply and divide to complete the mission.
Bluedog Can Count
Just fill in the numbers then add, subtract, multiply or divide with Bluedog. He will "bark" the answers!
Arithmatic Quiz
How well can you add, subtract, multiply and divide? There are three levels here to find out.
Math Problem Generator
Parents, create math problems for your kids. You decide what kind of problems and how difficult. You can also print them out or solve them online.
Brain Benders-The Wet Day
It's raining. Why won't the man's hair get wet?
Brain Benders-Down In The Hole
Your ping pong ball fell in a hole. Which tool is best to get it out?
Brain Benders-The Invisible Man
Where is the invisible man?
Fox And Duck Puzzle
Cross the river with a fox, duck and bag of corn without someone filling his belly!
Wolf And Goat Puzzle
There are 2 versions to this puzzle, one more difficult than the other, but never fear, the results are HERE.
The 3 & 5 Gallon Cans
Can you put exactly 4 gallons of water in a five gallon can? Try the puzzle here to figure out how.
23 Match Puzzle
Twenty three matches, take 1, 2 or 3, if you are stuck with the last one, you lose...you see?
Similar to the match game, you don't want to get stuck with the poison cracker.
Take A Word Away
Remove letters from a word to make another word.
Spot The Changes
See if you can spot the changes in the 2 pictures.
Slipper & Tipper
Study Slipper and Tipper and see if you can tell what's different.
Sculpture Sayings
See if you can tell what the sculptures say.
Remember the first card game you learned as a kid? Well, here it is!
Tic Tac Toe
You are a lion playing tic tac toe against Black Dog.
Tic Tac Toe
This one is angels vs. devils.
Turkey Hunt
Can you find and click on Mr. Turkey hiding in the picture?
Halloween Fun
Here you will find a print and color witch, skeleton and haunted house, a coloring book, wordsearch and maze. Halloween gifs too.
Winter Fun
Click on "crafts" for cut out snowflakes, sleds and a New England village. Click on "games" for printable word search and maze games.
Santa Claus Crafty Crafts
Make a Christmas dove to hang on your tree, gingerbread people, a snowman peppermint stick and more.
Thanksgiving Fun
Click on "arts & crafts" for coloring pages, place cards and a print, color and cut village. Click on "games" for printable mazes and word search.
Here are a few fun things to make from things around the house.
This link and the next 2 are instructions for making paper airplanes. Try them all!
Number 2.
Number 3.
Guess What I Am
Click on the picture that you think fits the clue. If you are wrong, you are given another clue. Keep trying...It's not easy..
KidsCom Internet Safety Game
Register first, then take the quiz to earn 25 kid's kash points to trade for prizes.
KidsCom Twin Pics
Find the differences in the two pictures. Choose "easy" or "go for a challenge."
Memory Test
Look at the pictures, then go to the next page and see if you remember which pictures you saw.
Rugrats Memory
Try this memory game with all your Rugrats friends.
Common Objects
What do the pictures have in common?
Matching Game
This is an "easy" 12 piece matching game.
Matching Game
This is a "bit harder" 16 piece matching game.
Matching Game
And for the "ace player" a 20 piece matching game.
KidsCom Concentration
Win kid's kash points if you can match the names of colors or school stuff written in different languages. Don't forget to register first.
Track Match
See if you can match each footprint (track) to the correct animal.
KidsCom Animals Of The World
Click on the clues to help you guess what animal is hidden in the picture. Register before you play this one too.
Virtual Puppy
If you have always wanted a puppy to take care of, take a look here.
Virtual Kitty
If you're not a puppy person, how about a kitty?
Virtual Dog
This site is switching to java, but I wrote to ask them to keep a version for us WebTVers. Check it out now while it is playable. Choose your dog, feed, train, walk and clean up after him or her. Talk to the vet and others in the game for hints and help. I chose a dog that looks like my real dog!
Yoshi the WebPet
Get your own web Yoshi! You can pick its color and name, but you have to take care of it.
Acme License Maker
Pick your state plate pattern and make your own license plate. (You can print it out or transload it.)
Check out this index of Pokemon characters. Select a character name on the left to get info on the right of the screen such as the Pokemon's height and weight. Or, select "more data" to fill the center screen with more details about the Pokemon selected.
Catch your own Pikachu to feed, poke, scratch and play with.
Just type in your human name to see what your C.Y.B.O.R.G. name would be.
Alien ID Generator
Create and print your own alien ID card from you name and where you live or at random.
Create A Fart
Choose duration, bouquet, type and density. You can create a real stinker here!
KidBibs Awards
Select from several titles such as Good Friend, Super Citizen and Persistent Pupil. Then select a text color and graphic. Now you are ready to email or print your award.
Pokemon Greeting Cards
Now you can send a Pokemon greeting card. Pick the style, letter color and background. (Thanks Kevin!)
Teletubbies Postcards
Send your friends one of these Teletubby postcards. Big hug!
Sesame Street E-Cards
Take a look at the cute Sesame Street e-cards to send your family and friends.
Sesame Street Post Office
Send an email to your favorite Sesame Street friend and receive a reply the next day.
Kididdles Kards
Send one of these cute, colorful cards to your friends. Choose background and text colors and add your own message.
Curious George ECards
Here is a selection of Curious George cards to send to your monkey loving friends.
JayZeeBear Postcards
Check out the cards here featuring JayZeeBear and his friends. (Sorry, but the puzzle cards don't work with WebTV)

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