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Zelda Quest
You won't find a game here, but Josh says his site is the "#1 Source" for Zelda news. I believe him!
Touch The Frog
This thing really made me laugh! Don't click on it, just move your cursor or mouse over the frog slowly touching the frog everywhere.
I See You
Move the cursor around the screen and watch Baby Rose's eyes.
Baby Dance
YOU make this baby dance. Just click on the symbols below the baby for him to dance the moves you choose.
Archie's friend Betty is ready for a new hairdo. How about helping her choose one? (Flash)
Model Madness
Veronica dreams of being a model. Check out some of her first modeling jobs. (Flash)
Fun with faces. Choose a hairstyle and some eyes. Pick a nose (tee hee) and select a mouth. Then hit animate to see what happens.
Common Cents
We look at pennies every day, right? But, do we REALLY look at them?
Where'$ George
O.K. here's what you do. Register, login, type in the serial number of a dollar bill, write "www.wheresgeorge.com" on the edge of the bill and SPEND IT! Then wait for someone that receives the bill to go to the site and let them know they got the bill. Then THEY spend it. The site keeps track of where the bill goes. You can go back and find out how far your bill travels. Fun, huh?
Bird In A Cage
Stare at one of the birds, then look at the empty cage. Our eyes do play tricks on us, don't they?
Wear A Wig
We pay more attention to upper facial features than lower. The proof is here.
Movie Mistakes
If you are a movie buff, take a gander at the HUGH list of mistakes made in some of your favorite films.
Huge collection of misheard song lyrics. Read the story here to see how they got their name.
More songs, more Miss Hurdle earaches. (misheard lyrics)
Urban Legends
Sometimes called "old wives tales," check out this site filled with answers and explainations for some of life's little mysteries.
Optical Illusions
Check out these wonderful illusions from great artists like M.C. Escher, Scott Kim, Shigeo Fukuda and more.
Optical Illusions
This isn't a game but check out the great optical illusions here.
Optical Illusions
There are some duplicates from the site above and some new ones.
Optical Illusions
Try the one with your hand and a paper towel roll.
Optical Illusions
They say looking at these is a workout for the eyes. Well, limber up for the stereograms to follow.
How To See Stereograms
There are a few stereograms here but what is more important is it has instructions on HOW to see them.
If you are one of those lucky people that can see stereograms, check these out.
Here are a few more!
Look for the hidden images in these 3D optical illusions also known as stereograms.
This type is called wallpaper. The images seem to "float" but are not hidden.
Stereo Photographs
There are 10 photos to view here using the "cross view" method.
Stereo Photographs
The eight photos here are viewed using the "parallel view" method.
Stereo Drawings
Cross view method drawings.
Stereo Drawings
Parallel view method drawings.
Life Game
I don't know why it is called "Life Game." It's not a game and has nothing to do with life. It's more like a light show.
This is a sort of life game. Click on the color you want, then click on the screen where you would like to add that spore. Then each time you return to that page, the spore will have grown.
Tongue Twisters
My tongue got in front of my eye tooth and I couldn't see what I was saying certainly applies to this long list of tongue twisters. My favorite has always been to say "toy boat" 3 times fast. (Did you end up with toe boit?)
International Tongue Twisters
Amazing list of tongue twisters in every language from Africaans to Zulu.
The Dialectizer
Type in the url of any site and what do you get? English text converted to...well, you'll see!
Reverse Text
Type or paste sentences, email or memos into the box and click on "reverse this text" to look for hidden messages. You will be surprised at what you find.
Having trouble getting your diploma? Well, here you can print your own. Pick a major from a long list such as "mud boggin"..."lunch"...and "cow tipping." Next, pick a school president such as Robert DeNiro, Cher or Charles Bronson. Then, print away!
Midi Farm Karaoke
Check out this long list of songs at the Midi Farm. Click the blue dot under D/L for the karaoke.
Tropical Karaoke Paradise
One nice LONG alphabetized list here.
Music Room
Is your throat getting sore yet? Well, here is a shorter list.
Karaoke Lounge
Another alphabetized list.
Karaoke Heaven
They take requests here and also have a karaoke chat room.
Throat healed up? Here is some more for you.
Kid's Karaoke
Songs from movies and ones you may remember from your childhood.
Talk to HAL
If you have never had a conversation with a robot, check this out!
Acme License Maker
Choose your state plate pattern and make your own license plate. (You can print it out or transload it.)
Just type in your human name to see what your C.Y.B.O.R.G. name would be.
ASL Fingerspelling
Type in your name here to find out how to say it in American sign language.
ASL Alphabet
Now that you can sign your name, how about learning the rest of the ASL alphabet.
ASL Quiz
Think you've got it mastered? Take the quiz and find out.
Holiday Hearth Room
This is the first of 3 interactive pictures in which you click on buttons to add items to the scene. This one has a Christmas holiday theme...
A Day At The Beach
...this one is for you beach lovers...
Deep Sea Adventure
..and this one is if you like to be UNDER the water.
Even though you don't see too much breakdancing any more, check out this great Flash dance class. You can learn each move step by step with an animation to show you how it is SUPPOSED to look. If I was doing it...they would call it breakleg or breakarm!
Time Capsule
Simply type in a date (such as your birthday) and find out the headlines, top songs, who was president, who shares your birthday and more.
Celebrity Address List
Have you ever wanted to write to your favorite stars? Well, here are their addresses!
Self Taught Typing
Fifteen lessons of increasing difficulty to help you master your typing skills. Then, take the typing test below.
Typing Test
This is a good test that tells you how many words per minute, how many characters per second and percent of accuracy. The only problem is, I think it always has the same paragraph to copy. (Now that you are an expert, try Alphabet Attack on my Video Games page)
Guitar Lessons
Ever want to learn to play the guitar? Check out these extensive FREE lessons.
Virtual Guitar
With this, and the six links below, you can almost start your own virtual band.
Virtual Electric Guitar
Virtual Bass Guitar
Virtual Piano
Virtual Drums
Virtual Xzylophone
Virtual Synthesizer

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