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Laugh your libs off at eLibs.com. Play madlibs from the eLibs writers, other users, or create your own for others to play. You can even save, print or email your results.
Crazy Libs
Wow! Huge selection here! Choose from original stories or classics like "Moby Dick," "The Raven," "Tarzan" and many more.
Sci-Fi Madlibs
Here we are sci-fi fans. Over 20 madlibs just for you.
The Alien
So, you come home one day and there is this alien...
Miss Muffet
No, not the one WE know...Maybe it's her sister?!
Surly Sam
He is one mean pirate!
The Sultan's Treasure
Who REALLY found the Sultans treasure?
Wacky Tales
Choose from 13 titles, add some words, and see what kind of a wacky tale you come up with.
Sci-Fi Blockbuster
Fill in the blanks using the pull down menus or insert words of your own to create this blockbuster sci-fi movie.
Bill's Plaid-libs
You supply the words to complete the story.
Create A Story
Here you can learn what a noun, verb, pronoun and such mean. NOW the stories almost make sense!
Create A Story
This one is about Julius Caesar. Got your toga ready?
Mad Libs
Here come 5 more mad lib stories for you. Number one.
Mad Libs
Number two.
Mad Libs
Number three.
Mad Libs
Number four.
Hillbilly Mad Lib
Number five, and this one is pretty funny.
Mad Lib
Another silly story.
Mad Lib
And yet another.
A Long Sad Tale
Pick words from the pull down menus and create your own tale. (Hopefully short and funny instead of long and sad!)
Nursery Rhyme Madlibs
Somehow those old nursery rhymes I remember just don't sound the same.
Tale Twister
Here are about 20 different story titles to choose from. And, when you are finished with those, there is an option to write your own story.
Wacky Web Tales
Create more fun stories here.
Several madlibs to choose from including horoscopes, cooking, Mythology and rock and roll.
Love Letter
Write this hilarious letter and send it to your secret love.
Love Story
You see the person of your dreams...your eyes meet...and...
A Day At The Beach
You are at the beach with your friend when this GORGEOUS person comes by and...
Night Out At A Party
It has been a long week and now for a night on the town...
The Blind Date
Your best friend hooks you up with someone. Wait until you find out who it is...
Tough Day At School
It's only the start...
A Bad Drive Home
There are some days you shouldn't get behind the wheel...
A Lucky Story
A funny story from the PuzzleClub.
Wacky Wildlife Stories
Here are a few from Ranger Rick.
What A Weird Dream
The title speak for itself.
What A Weird Dream II
Not ANOTHER one!
The Rescue Part 1
Number 1 for the Xena fans.
The Rescue Part 2
Number 2 for the Xena fans.
Xena Battles Callisto
This is madlib number 3 for the Xena fans.
Seven funny madlibs to choose from including an answering machine, a job application, a presidential speech and more.
Millerville Madlibs
Assorted list of madlib stories to choose from ranging from "beauty advice" to "surgery for beginners."
There are a few good ones here. I like the Eleanor Rigby one.
Beatles Madlibs
Mess up 2 Beatles songs here. Paperback Writer and Norwegian Wood.
Country & Western Song Writer
Not really a madlib, but sort of the same results. Check out this do-it-yourself song writer. Just pick a phrase to fill in the lines of the song. I think you will end up with a number 1 hit.
Story Fun
Here we have a list of 17 stories to choose from. Ever been to Disney World, on an interview are learned the Gettysburg Address?
Rescue At Sea
It all happened on the way to summer vacation...
Going camping?
Tale Of Discovery
The adventure of a famed wild life photographer...
Be A Creature
The adventure of a baby...
If you are going somewhere, get directions!
Halloween Story
Christmas Story
One crazy night for Santa...
Crazy Carols
Speaking of Santa, check out these crazy Christmas carols.
Christmas Madlib
Christmas will never be the same.
Write For Klasky Csupo
Here is a bunch of madlibs involving Rugrats, Real Monsters, Duckman, The Wild Thornberrys and more.
BAB Adlibs
After you finish the adlib here, just reload the page for a new one. I ended up with some funny ones.
The first of 7 VERY short madlibs for kids.
Famous Sayings
Number 2 for kids.
Number 3 for kids.
Number 4 for kids.
Number 5 for kids.
Number 6 for kids.
Number 7 for kids.

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