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The Amazing Stupendo
Answer a few questions and "The Amazing Stupendo" will read your mind.
ESP Page
Think of a number and this mind reader page will tell you what your number is.
ESP Test
Now it's YOUR turn to show off your esp skills. Just click on the button next to the symbol you think is on each card.
ESP Test
Try this 15 question test to rate your ESP ability.
The Fantabulous Psychonumeric Extrapulator
Think of a number between 1 and 60, answer 6 questions, and your number will be revealed.
Guess The Number
Pick a number between 1 and 63 and check out this amazing trick.
Magic Genie
I LOVE this one! Write down a 4 or 5 digit number, rearrange the same numbers and subtract the second from the first, then pick one of the numbers. (Sh-sh-sh, this is a secret number) Now, type the remaining numbers in the box and click on "summon genie"...WOW! COOL!
The 4 Trolls
Or..are there?
The 9 Trolls
Count again!
Is Mac King Gone?
Similar to the troll puzzles above, but this one uses Flash.
Disappearing Head
I love this one! Learn how to make your own head disappear. Not recommended for TALL people. :)
Look into my eyes...
The Mind Reader
Write down a number and follow instructions.
Calculational Wizardry
Four mind boggling math tricks. Fantastic Memory is my favorite.
Amazing Math Trick
Follow the instructions and if you do to RIGHT, you should end up with your birth month, date and year. There is a calculator here to use, too.
Web Trick I
Another pick a number.
Pick a Card Magic
You pick a card and give the computer 3 hints to guess what the card is. Great trick!
Web Trick II
Which row is your card in?
21 Card Mystery
Pick a card, click which row it is in...
20 Card Mystery
This one deals with pairs of cards.
Color Theory 1
Pick a color, follow the instructions and be amazed at the results.
Color Theory 2
They did it once...but twice?
Color Theory 3
...Three times?
Color Theory 4
...not FOUR!
Mysterious Rabbit 1
Pick a card...any card at all...
Mysterious Rabbit 2
How did they DO that?!
Psycho Test
Check out this one question test.
Web Trick III
The ol' disappearing card trick.
Had enough cards? Pick an object...
Fantasy Football
Pick the teams you like in a fantasy football game, answer a few questions and the Great Mysto will reveal your teams.
Flags Of Mystery
Choose one of several flags and the Great Mysto will tell you which one you chose.
Mentalism ala Simpsons
Pick your favorite Simpsons character, answer a few questions and...how did he DO that!?
Pattern In Mind
Pick a pattern, then follow instructions.
Who's Who Zoo
Choose your favorite animal, click which zoo it is in and the Great Mysto does it again!
Psychic Safari
Start with a country, move to an animal and answer a couple of questions. You can even LIE if you want to!
Magic Clock
You have to spell the numbers in this trick as you move around the clock face.
Mystic Pyramid
For another good trick, move around the magic pyramid.
Magic Squares
It's right there in black and white...
Intergalactic Smuggler
You are a smuggler who is planet hopping in this trick.
Free Beginner Magic Tricks
Ever dream of being a magician? Well, here are a few free tricks to learn to start you off. You can perform them with things you find around the house.
Illusionist's Home Page
Cards, rope, coin and handkerchief tricks to add to your routine.
One trick here. Sort of a 3 card monte without using cards. (The archives are not available.)
Magic Tricks
Here are some tricks you can learn to do using simple items found around the house. Learn the knot in the handkerchief trick, cut and restored string, hopping rubberband and more.
Magic Tricks
Five more tricks to learn such as the knot tie challenge, mysterious coin balance and afgan bands.
Magic Tricks
Here you will find the abracadabra card trick, magnetic knife, 11 fingers and 2 more.
Magic Tricks
Lots of magic tricks to learn using coins, cards and your THUMB!
Magic Tricks
Seven more tricks including the reappearing ace and bouncing comics.
Seven Prediction
The prediction is...you will have seven cards left at the end of this trick. The instructions confused me a little, so I will try to make it more clear. When you count down from 10 to 1, turning a card face up with each number and you turn over a card that matches the number you are on, stop. Do this until you have 3 piles. The rest of the instructions are clear.
A Little Miracle
Grab a deck of cards and try this one. Follow steps 1 through 8. When you come to #9 use the same number you thought of in step #7. For #10, deal the cards you are holding in your hand one at a time, face up and click on the same card on the screen. For example: If you turn over a 5 of hearts, click on the 5 of hearts on the screen. Do this with all of the remaining cards in your hand, then click on "press when finished." It IS a little miracle!
Odd Prediction
Try this trick and see if you end up with an odd number of piles with an even number of cards.
Coin Manipulation
These aren't actually tricks, but if you learn some of the ways to manipulate coins such as the roll, walk, balance, spin and toss, I am sure your tricks will go much smoother.
Coin Tricks
Here is a great selection of coin tricks. Learn the French drop, dissolving coin, falling quarter, jumping coin and a lot more!
The Conjuring Cabaret
Here are some card, coin and mentalism tricks.
Backstage Magic
Lots of coin, card, rope and telepathy tricks to learn here.
Free Illusions
Here are 4 tricks you can learn using items found around the house such as yarn, rubber bands, coins and matches.
Learning Magic
This site is about professional magician Lance Burton and some of the tricks that got him started. Learn from one of the best!
Card Tricks
This link and the 8 below are all card tricks you can learn to do yourself. The ones here are easy tricks for the beginner.
Card Tricks
These are for the mid-level magician.
Card Tricks
With these, you use other items.
Card Tricks
The tricks here require no preparation.
Card Tricks
With these tricks you need to remember certain things.
Card Tricks
Here are some with such simple steps, they practically work themselves.
Card Tricks
You have to use your MIND here.
Card Tricks
The card tricks here use math principals.
Card Tricks
Learn shuffles, passes and other sleight of hand tricks.
Bar Tricks
Sorry kids, these are for the grown-ups. They are not really magic either...unless you consider getting free drinks in a bar magic!

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