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Are You A Flirt?
We all have to have SOME fun...RIGHT??
Relationship Dependency
Twenty five questions to determine if you are independent or in need of a relationship.
Jealously Test
You don't have a jealous bone in your body? Take this test to find out.
Sensuality Test
Here is a 25 question test to rate your sensuality.
Click on the "horoscopes" link at the top of the page, then "love match." Enter your birth signs to see if you and your sweetie are compatible...or not! (Sign up for their $1,000,000 drawing while you are there)
The Birthday Game
Were you born? Enter your birthday and you could win $5 Million!
Need more Love & Romance? Get a FREE Psychic Reading
Is He "The One?"
Here is a 20 question test to measure the strength of your relationship and to discover if he could really be "The One."
Love Test
How compatible are you and your sweetheart? Take the test and find out.
Astral Compatibility
This compatibility test uses zodiac signs and is based on Chinese birth prediction charts.
Love Match Meter
Is it a match made in heaven? Just type in your name and birthday and that of your sweetie to see what you rate as a "love match" on a 1 to 5 scale.
Love Machine
O.K...So maybe you and your sweetie aren't compatible. Answer these few questions to see who you ARE compatible with. (Flash)
Rate Your Relationship
Are you better off without him/her?
Are You In Love?
I mean REALLY in love!
Rate Your Romance
Do you have what it takes to be romantic?
Romance Quiz
Here are 18 more questions to see how you rate romantically.
Does Your Crush Like You Back?
See if the one you have the hots for is just as hot for you.
Love Quiz
How is your relationship?
Are You Caring?
Is it easy for you to show that you care for others?
Celebrity Love Match
See which stars would be the perfect match for you.
Are You Fit To Commit?
See if you have commit-a-phobia with this 24 question quiz.
If you have trouble expressing yourself, check out Cyrano. Just add a few words (mad-lib style) and let Cyrano write your love (or breakup) letter for you. Pretty funny!
Sexual Personality
Are you traditional or adventuresome? Take this 20 question test to find out.
Kingdomality Personal Preference Profile
In medieval times, the successful matching of a job holder's personality to the unique requirements of the job was necessary to the kingdom's survival. Take this 8 question quiz to see what profession you are suited for.
The Game
A game to tell you something about you.
Magic Mirror
Look into the magic mirror and see what reflects on you. Take these 7 steps to tell you something about you. Pretty strange!
What type of person are you? Take this quiz and have a little look into yourself.
What Is Your Perfect Car?
What kind of road do you like to drive on? Who would you take with you? See what it all means here. (Mine is a red convertible!)
What Color Is Your Aura?
We all have our own "halo" called an aura. Take this test to find out what color yours is and what it means.
Personality Test
Try this short 4 question test. It's pretty unique.
Personality 1
Answer the questions then read the results. Are you an a, b, c or d personality?
Personality 2
Similar to the above test but with new questions.
Inner Self Personality Test
A more complex, 20 minute test with 60 questions.
Personality Test
Find out what your choice of pictures tells about you.
Personality Test
This little 10 question quiz gives amazing results. Check it out.
Candy Test
Just pick a candy bar and hit evaluate to see what your choice of candy says about you.
Pick one animal from each group and see what your choice tells about you.
Here is an easy one. Just pick a number.
The Room
A more in depth test about your personality.
Characteristics Test
Grab a paper and pencil and see what your sketch of a pig tells about you.
Favorite Color
See what your favorite color tells about you.
Color Quiz
Take this 5 minute personality test that uses your choice of colors. I thought the results were amazing!
Which Color Are You?
Different than the tests above, just answer the 14 questions to find out which color YOU are and what it means.
Enter your name to find it's meaning or enter a meaning to find the name.
I didn't know what it meant either. In short, it means, what's in a name. Just type in your name and see if the description sounds like you.
Baby Names
Trying to name your baby? Just want to know what YOUR name means? Try the hugh data base here. Search by name or meaning.
Pet Names
Why not find a good name for your pet while you're at it. Pets are like babies, right?
First Letter
Just click on the first letter of your name for an interesting analysis.
Birth Order Comparisons
This isn't a quiz, but I thought it was very interesting. Read what it says about the traits of people who are an only child, born first, second, third or fourth.
Feminine/Masculine Test
See if your traits lean more toward the feminine or masculine side with this 25 question test.
Leadership Test
Evaluate your general leadership qualities and potential with this 30 question test.
Are You Assertive?
Thirty-two questions designed to evaluate, in general, how assertive you are.
Tree Types
Certain trees are connected to certain dates. Type in your birthday and be amazed at what you find out.
Tree Types
Similar to the test above but tells you what type of tree you are associated with and has a slightly different explaination.
What Breed Of Dog Are You?
All new. A 15 question test to see what breed of dog personality you resemble most. (I am a German Shephard)
Are You High Maintenance?
Eighteen questions to see how much personal attention you need.
Test Your Ego
Find out what you REALLY think of yourself.
Rate Your Self Esteem
On a 5 point scale, rate your reaction to each question.
How Spoiled Are You?
Are you like sour milk or rotton eggs?
Are You Scared Easily?
BOO!! Just testing!
Internet Addiction Test
Are YOU "hooked?" Take this 20 question quiz to find out!
Which way will you go on the scale? Twenty questions to find out.
Logic Test
Ten questions to test your logic. (I only got 1 wrong!)
RBBB Aptitude Test
Have you ever dreamed of joining the circus? Take this ten question quiz to find out which job suits you!
Are You Millionaire Material?
Twenty questions. Even though I am more on the yes side than the no side, I can't see it happening any time soon. :)
Nutrition Test
Ten short questions to test your nutrition knowledge. (I'm not as up on these things as I thought.)
Eating Habits
How are YOUR eating habits? Take this 12 question test to find out.
Exercise Test
Are you up on the risks and benefits of exercise? Take a look.
Driver's Test
Anyone behind the wheel should know the answers to these.
Directions Test
How well do you follow directions? Try this test to find out.
Burnout Test
Take this 35 question test to see if you are getting "burned out" physically or emotionally. Also, if you are losing interest, becoming detached or are suffering from exhaustion in general.
Are You Depressed?
I hope not, but take this 10 question test to find out.
Hardship Quiz
You are on a desert with five animals...oh well, just check it out.
Wishing Well
See what psychologists say your choices of animals, people, colors and favorite day of the week tell about you.
Psychoanalyze Yourself
See what your answers to 10 simple questions tell about you.
Past Life
Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Type in your birthday here to find out.
Longevity Game
Now that you have found out who you were in a PAST life, see how long you will live in THIS one.
Death Test
Similar to the Longevity Game, this test predicts how long you will live, but it adds a bit more humor as you will see by some of the questions.
You have 2 minutes to study 20 pictures. Get your paper and pencil ready and write down how many of the 20 you remember.
Like the above test, this one has 20 pictures, but here they suggest you tell yourself a story including the 20 objects. It is supposed to help you remember the objects easier.
The Jammies Test
Did you know that your choice of pajamas tells something about you?
The Lipstick Test
Grab your lipstck and look closely at the shape of the tip. (No fair using a NEW one.) Now compare it to the pictures here to see what the shape tells about you.
Survival IQ
Could you survive a ship wreck at sea? You must choose 6 of the 15 salvageable items aboard your sinking ship to take with you on a raft. Good luck!
Can You Survive Kenya?
Are you a Survivor fan? Well, then check out the 20 questions here to see if YOU would survive. (Not me!..eat bugs?..e-e-e-w!)
Rate Your Risk Of Burglary
This test and the next 2 are much more serious. I hope you will learn from the questions here, as I did.
Rate Your Risk Of Serious Assault
There are 9 main categories with sub questions in this test to see if you at risk of becoming a victim of a robbery, mugging, beating or other serious assault.
Rate Your Risk Of Murder
Ten categories with sub questions to make you think. I hope we all learned a little something from these tests.
Are You Stress Prone?
Here are 20 questions to see if your everyday habits make you prone to stress.
Stress Resistance
Are you a risk taker? Do you speak up for what you believe? Take this 15 question test to see how well you resist stress.
Generic Stress Test
How about a simple, stress measurement test?
Coping With Stress
Find out how well you cope with stress by assessing your reaction to it, your resourcefulness and your ability to relax.
Speaking of stress, why not see if you and your co-workers will get along. Click on the "horoscopes" link at the top of the page, then "co-worker compatibility." Then just enter your birth signs. (Sign up for their $1,000,000 drawing while you are there)
Patterns, Parallels and Perceptions
Here is a tricky quiz something like an IQ test.
IQ Test
Not easy, but interesting. Click on FAQ after the test to see how you rank.
IQ Test
Allow 20 minutes for this test to gauge learning skills from grade 5 through high school graduate.
IQ Test
This 20 minute test that has 15 questions.
IQ Test
If you don't want to take one of those l-o-n-g tests, take this 60 second one instead.
Mensa Workout
They say this isn't an IQ test but it sure seems like one to me.
Brain Cell Challenge
Here is a ten question test under copyright by Mensa. Maybe this one really IS an IQ test.
Mensa IQ Tests
These are short 5 question tests. Simply click on a different date for a new test to keep your brain awake.
The Densa Quiz
Now that you have seen how smart you are, you can see how DUMB you are by taking this 12 question quiz.
Densa II
Here are 8 more questions. All tricky, sneaky, and fun!
Densa III
Ten more questions to boggle the mind!
Densa 4 U
Ten more seemingly innocent questions that will amaze you.
Densa Kiss
This one made me laugh! You have to cross a crocodile infested river. Take the training course first and remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Densa 6 PAK
Are YOU ready for 6 more densa style riddles?
How Loony Are You?
Take this 18 question test to see where you fall on the looniness scale.
The Un-telligence Test
Here are some strange questions with some strange results.
Sanity Test
How insane are you? I took the test and it said I am over 41% crazy and in a few years I could become insane. :)
Emotional Aptitude Test
This 39 question test examines how well you assert yourself, interact with others and react to stress.
Emotional IQ Test
You've seen how smart you are and how dumb you are, now test your emotional IQ.
Emotions Test
Are you afraid to show your emotions?
Emotional Age
Your age in years versus your emotional age can be quite different. Take this 5 minute, 15 question test to see just HOW different.
Emotional Maturity
This test valuates how you would handle certain situations.
Dream Dictionary
Have a dream last night? Look it up in the dream dictionary.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted
This is the online version of an actual book in which you can look up just about any dream imaginable.
Think about your dream and choose from the lists of animals, places, actions, things and people. Next, click on "analyze now" to see what it all means.

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