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If you like country music and you like to read, check out these printable bookmarks featuring your favorite country stars.
Here are many wonderful bookmarks from children's author Jan Brett. There are some for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day as well as some featuring Comet, Hedgie and other characters from her books.
KidBibs Awards
Select from several titles such as Good Friend, Super Citizen and Persistent Pupil. Then select a text color and graphic. Now you are ready to email or print your award.
Stationery & Borders
Great place packed full of customizable stationery, banners, business cards, awards, bookmarks, greeting cards and envelopes.
Four Sided Borders
This is an index of printable stationery, awards and certificates. Use your imagination as to what to do with them.
Cassie's Frames
This and the next 2 are assorted sized frames to use as mats for your favorite photos. The pages take a little while to load, but they are worth the wait!
Cassie's Frames
Number 2.
Cassie's Frames
Number 3.
Cassie's Stationery
Cassie has a wonderful selection of stationery including flowers, animals, religious, country, music, angels and lots for the kids.
Cassie's Sports
Not forgetting the sports fans, Cassie has created frames and stationery for those interested in bowling, golf, darts, motorcycles, race cars and soccer.
Cassie's Gift Tags
Here we have gift tags, invitations for many occasions, postcards and a couple of 2 fold Christmas cards.
Country Clipart
Lisa has created some great recipe cards, gift tags, shopping and wish lists.
Daily Planners
Here you will find a large selection of lists for the busy woman including grocery, monthly bills, email list, birthdays and of course a list of chores. Lots more too.
Babysitter's Checklist
Here is a very helpful, interactive list for parents when using a babysitter. Fill in such information as important phone numbers, your children's names and ages, menus and much more.
Wedding Worksheets
If you are planning a wedding and your head is spinning, print some of these worksheets sheets to help you.
Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and URLs. Print a shopping or things-to-do list. There are even forms for your children to write letters to Santa and the Easter Bunny.
Letter from the Easter Bunny
Fill in information such as your child's name, favorite colors and Easter treats and print a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny.
Gift Tags
Print gift tags for holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentines Day.
Gift Tags
Nice assortment of gift tags for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, weddings and birthdays. A colorful calendar too.
Print out customizable monthly or yearly calendars complete with a list of holidays.
There are 2 types of calendars to print here. The standard version and one with the day and date down the left side, with a line for notes on the right. You can customize your calendars by adding text, changing the size of the print and centering the numbers.
Assortment of calendars with photos of tv personalities, animals and other subjects.
Gluclose Chart
If you are diabetic, it is very important to chart your glucose levels at various times of the day. Here is a printable chart to help you accomplish this.
B&J Paper Dolls
Print and cut out your favorite Archie comic characters and some cool outfits for each of them.
Paper Dolls
Here is another nice selection of paper dolls and outfits to print out and play with.
Templates by Donovon
For the creative people out there, here is a large selection of templates to make your own bookmarks, greeting cards, mini books, favors and origami. Lots more too!
Interactive Resume Form
If you need to create a professional looking resume, just fill in the blanks with your education information and prior job experience on this interactive form and the job is done!
Resume Maker
Fill in personal information, schooling, previous experience and references and you are ready to print your resume.
Love My Dog Contract
Are your children begging for a dog? Afraid you will be the one to care for it? Have them sign this I Love My Dog contract pledging to care for, feed and love their little furry friend.
Hadoe's Printshop
Webtv-ers!! Over 200 printable greeting cards, address labels, business cards and lots more.
Hadoe Card Envelope
Yes, you can print out the envelopes for Hadoe cards.
Cards By Ginnger
Whoo! hoo! Finally, some half fold cards printable with WebTV. Birthdays, holidays, Halloween and lots of other occasions.
More Cards By Ginnger
Just like the name says. MORE half fold cards for WebTVers to print out. Choose from Valentine's, get well, Mother's and Father's day, anniversary and many others.
Envelope Express
Now that we have half fold cards, we need envelopes, right? Dell has solved THAT problem. Thanks Dell!
Pumpkin Patterns
Check out these great templates to print and use when carving a Jack-O-Lantern.
Pokemon List
Here is a printable list of all 251 Pokemon in alphabetical order. Pokemon List
This one lists all 251 Pokemon in numerical order.
Card Deck
Print out your own deck of cards using the graphics of your choice. You can use some HTML to customize these too. Tarot cards? Playing cards? Trading cards? The possibilities are endless.
If you need to print invoices for garage sales, your business or whatever, check out this interactive form. Fill in such information as your business name, client's name and address, date, price and itemized list of products purchased and other assorted information.
Legal Forms
If you watch Judge Judy, you know you should have everything in writing. Here are printable forms such as, basic agreements, loans/borrowing, leases, personal/family and many more.
Legal Forms
Large selection of legal forms for personal and business use such as wills, trusts, bills of sale, leases and many other binding agreements.
CD Labels
With so many people burning their own CDs, this tutorial on creating your own printable CD cover should come in handy.
Iron On Transfers
Wonderful, iron on transfers from children's book author Jan Brett.
Business Cards
Two types of business cards to create and print. Just fill in the graphic and text info, select a font and go.
Brochure Maker
Make your own brochures by filling in graphic info, 3 highlights, your name and font selection. Prints both front and back then, reinsert paper to print inside your brochure.
Letterhead Maker
This is a nice form to make your own letterheads with or without the letter. You can customize it by adding your graphic at the top, name and address, date and email address. Then you can print it out like that or, actually type your letter. You can even use HTML to customize it further.
Color Chart
For those of you. like myself, always looking for just the right color for text or backgounds, here is a great printable color chart. It includes color name, hex and rgb codes.
Coloring, Mazes, Connect-The-Dots
Rather than copy my whole coloring page to my printables page, I figured I would just add a link to it. Most of the stuff there is printable.

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