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Ultimate Puzzle Site
Stop here for riddles, puzzles and quizzes. Some are easy...some I didn't get even after I saw the answer!
Yeah! They are back! (almost) No prizes yet, but stop here daily for riddles, trivia and more.
Try to determine what each rhyme is describing. It's not easy!
Traditional Riddles
Just like the name says. Forty traditional riddles spanning several centuries.
Tree Riddle
Check out this LONG riddle all about trees.
Letter Riddles
Ten riddles having to do with letters of the alphabet.
More Letter Riddles
Yup, 26 more. One for each letter of the alphabet.
Riddle Me This
Try these riddles with no answers. You can email your solution to them.
Daily Riddles
These are daily "thinking" riddles. One new one each weekday.
Riddle Me This
Twelve more riddles to tickle your brain.
Classic Riddles
Here are ten old standbys.
Paradox Riddles
Ten more to keep your mind in shape.
Animal Riddles
These are all about animals.
Word Riddles
Ten word riddles.
Rick's Riddles
Here are some riddles from Ranger Rick. Can you figure them out?
Kid's Riddles
Twenty-five for the kids.
Riddle Archive
If you can't get enough riddles, check out the archives for tons more.
Edioms Brainteasers
Click on a date for the riddles and puzzles from that month. See if YOU can figure them out.
Classic Puzzles
Check out these puzzles by America's greatest puzzle expert, Sam Loyd.
Classic Puzzles
Now that you have checked out America's greatest, try 4 from England's greatest.
Classic Puzzles
Here are 4 more classics, but this time from Lewis Carroll.
The Puzzler
Scroll down to "the puzzler" link, then click on "check out the puzzles." There are about 60 to choose from. Anything from riddles to spoonerisms.
Puzzles about dots, circles and a tired little spider.
How are you at logic? Some answers are easier than they seem.
The Forged Coin
This is along the lines of a logic puzzle. You have 12 coins, one of which is either heavier or lighter than the rest. You may use the scale only 3 times to find the forged coin. Try it more than once...it is trickier than you think.
Over 600 riddles to amuse and entertain. But, some will make you groan.
HumorShack Riddles
Over 180 riddles to keep you entertained.
Over 50 of the toughest riddles I have ever seen.
Hugh list of puzzles and logic riddles rated D1-D10 in difficulty. (D1 easiest to D10 hardest)
Detective Riddle 1
"The Letter" They usually forget something.
Detective Riddle 2
"Too Clever" Read carefully.
Detective Riddle 3
"The Ex-Wife Murder" Who dunnit'?
Lost In The Country
Read the story and decide what YOU would do.
Runaway Pony
Think fast. How would you get the pony to stop?
The Storm
One more riddle to test your brain.
Rubik's Riddles
Check back daily for one new riddle from an assortment of subjects.
A Riddle
This has been around for a while, but if you haven't seen it, it's pretty cool!

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