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Where's Poo?
Something like hide and seek. Fun too!
Catch the Fuzzy
He is a slippery little devil. Check it out.
TBG Boxing
Here's a game you can sink your teeth into. (no reference to Mike Tyson) Your fighter is scheduled to one bout each week. When your fight is scheduled, you can check out your opponent's stats and as trainer, you have to plan your fighter's strategy accordingly. Read the help section there to learn more.
WeBL Boxing
Created by and an updated version of the EKO boxing game. Like the above game, you start your own gym and ready your fighters for a weekly bout. Get those steaks ready for the shiners your fighters will be getting. (Thanks Poweral5)
That's right, paintball. On the web, interactive. Play now or just observe.
Voltec's 1-on-1 Basketball
Play free interactive basketball. You create the player. Weekly tournaments.
Swirve Sports
Baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Create your own free pro sports team and act as general manager.
The Docking Bay
I only checked this out briefly, but it looks like a good interactive game in which you explore inside a space craft.
GEAS Village
Visit the town hall, temple and other parts of the village here at Europe's most popular roleplaying website.
Stickman Murder Mystery Site
Question witnesses, examine the crime scenes and see if you can solve the murders in crime riddled Stickville.
No Alibi
Here is a good 3 level murder mystery in which you question suspects to get the clues to solve the case.
Fugitive Hunter
Test your investigative skills trying to track down a fugitive.
Introduction To Murder
Victim: Jason Silver / Time Of Death: yesterday afternoon / Your Mission: Survey the premises, look for clues and solve the crime?! (Hint: The text only version gives a description as well as a picture)
Murder Mystery Games
You are detective Tracy Darrington. There are three cases for you to solve. Can you do it?
The Arch Of Severus
Search for scrolls, keys and map bits as you try to save Rome.
Stop the evil sorceress, Myrtilla, from stealing the royal treasure.
Treasure Hunt
Answer the questions to get clues to find the hidden Pirate's treasure.
One hundred four screens and 22 endings, but only ONE where you survive.
Ultimate DBZ RPG
Based on the World of Dragonball Z, you can train, battle, gain strength and maybe...die. This role playing game is waiting for YOU. (Thanks Tenchi!)
Free, online, multiplayer fantasy game.
Shilla II
IRC chat multiplayer adventure game.
World At Ruins
Role-play your way to victory, wealth and fortunes.
World At Ruins 2
Thousands of rooms, monsters and items to explore.
When you choose your country, you are automatically on the Axis or Allied side with this WWII rpg. Make your plans for building...and bombing.
Terran Legacy
You are a private in the marines. Start with a standard combat rifle and work your way up to a missle launcher.
A web based simulated strategy game in which you are a reincarnated mage whose soul has survived the Great Mage War. You must research magic, gather troops and develop your land. (Thanks Ryan!)
Division 6
The year is 2376. Earth has been conquered by a superior race of beings. The Aliens betrayed the treaty and took all the surviving earthlings to a far off penal planet coded Division 6...
Golden Realms-Intercity
Create your character, and let the game begin.
Mission Impossible
Protect your team and the U.S. from any threat.
Mission Possible
Or is it?
Solar Empire
Use your merchant ship to find metal and fuel to trade for supplies, build your planet and destroy others in the process. But, watch out or the clans! (Thanks Dave!)
Earth 2025
Try your hand at running a country. Develop it's technology, military and more.
A whole new world awaits.
Journey Through Evil
A fun, interactive fantasy adventure.
Alien Threat
Destroy the alien base and save the universe.
Hunt The Wumpus
The cave is full of bats. Can you find the Wumpus before it finds you?
Find the key to free the Princess of Zfoeps. But, don't release the wrong girl or you die!
You are "Prince Perfect" trying to rescue "Cinderella" in this maze game. It had me going in circles.
Maze Factory
See if you can find the hidden treasures and keys in the many mazes here. The games work fine with WebTV but not the create your own maze generator. Sorry.
The Maze
Just click on the maze and move around until a portal appears then click on it to go in that direction. (Flash)
The Labyrinth
Search the hidden world deep beneath the streets of New York City.
The Moonless Caves
Another one with a lot of reading but, it is well done wih nice pictures and music.
Gather your team and rescue the president's daughter, Courtney.
Maniac Maze
You are trapped in a maze with no apparent way out. Nice graphics.
The Maze
Here is another good maze to try.
Have Fun
You make the decisions in ths interactive story.
Find the secret numbers and dismantle the bomb to save the city. (I did!)
Link Labyrinth Maze
This maze has it's fair share of doors, tunnels, chutes and corridors. It has 3 clues from "Clue-Bot" too!
The Doors
Open the door, start making your choices and hope you don't run into a brick wall!
Six mazes from "demo" to "harder than it looks."
Virtual Maze
If you are into the maze craze, here is another one for you.
Looks like a simple black and white maze...until you make the first turn!
Cave Maze
Not really a cave, but one of the few mazes I made it out of!
Road Maze
Like the cave maze has no cave, this road maze has no road. Harder than the cave maze with more passages and more dead ends.
Bill's Invisible Maze
You'll bump into things you didn't know were there.
The Maze
32 rooms to make you dizzy.
There are over 260 games here made by Infocom and others. I was up MANY nights playing Infocom text adventure games on my Commodore 64. (Here we go again..no sleep!)
Enchanted Forest
Search for saws, level boosters, and the black stone. This game is different each time you play but has a save feature to track your progress.
Knight's Quest
This is a one person RPG. Choose your character, purchase weapons, potions and armor and prepare to battle. (Preloading the images makes the game run faster. You may only purchase one item at a time and you must leave town to battle.)
The Trainer
This is a mini text adventure to learn the ropes before you tackle the biggies.
Fantasy Quest
This game has the old "rescue the princess" plot. It features over 30 interactive characters in over 140 locations. This one also has a save feature.
The Perils of Akumos
You must guide Kenneth Connell in his new job aboard the Corolis space station in this futuristic sci-fi adventure.
Trail Of Anguish
This is a spin off of The Perils Of Akumos above. Can you track down the madman on campus?
The Game of The Ages
You are the only hope of your village to dispose of the foul creatures known as the Shadows.
The Mystery of Brackly Hall
Lord Brackly has died and left his wealthy estate to the one who can find his will in the secret vault. Will it be you?
Start with a plot of land and build your civilization. Looks like it will take a while.
Adopt your alien..earn credits to buy weapons and armor..and let the battle begin.
Twilight Castle
Collect the four heraldic emblems to add to your shield. Only then can you find your sword.
Bounty Hunter
You are hunting for an escaped Imperial prisoner holding information vital to the survival of the Alliance. Beware of the blackhole!
Tyran's Cove
Another rpg I haven't tried. This uses TalkCity chat. I hope it's good!
X-Files Adventures
There is only one case here right now, but they say there's more to come.
Fight Emperor Slimemonger and restore peace to some galaxy.
You have accepted the challenge to fight to the death in the castle arena. Use your fighting skills and magic to prove you are the strongest in this text style role playing game.
Circle Of Darkness
The object of this game is fame. You must compete against other players online for top spot.
Kingdoms 3
Build, hire, fire, train military, cast spells and attack. All the good things in life!
Allerian Empire
It takes some reading to begin this role playing game played through message boards, but it look like a well organized, interesting game. So, register and "embark on a journey through the imagination."
In this game you develop a business and choose what city to start it in by comparing, the quality of the police force and the fire department. Make sure they are top notch...you're going to NEED them. (I know the casino here does NOT work with WebTV, but I think the rest of the game does.)
Escape From Westfield
Pick your character and plan your escape. You make the decisions. (You will be unable to view the map due to java, but the rest of the game seems to work OK.)
Escape From Westfield 2
You are Cordise the 2 headed 10 year old and your mission is to save the Komodo dragon. (May have some java but seems to work OK.)
Escape From Knab
Learn about finances with this fun and educational adventure as you try to earn enough money to buy your ticket home.
Vagabond's Quest+
Another Elf, Human, Wizard type role playing game for you to spruce up on your fighting and magic skills. (Be sure to use the first one. The others do not work with WebTV.)
Parallel Universe
Your goal here is to adventure and complete quests to prove your competence and gain experience to use in guild wars.
Haunted House RPG
Are you ready to explore that creepy house near the cemetery? Enter, if you dare...
The Haunted Mansion
This is a text based game in which you search for Henry Winchester's fortune in the "Haunted Mansion."
The Haunting Part I
Your nightmare begins...
The Haunting Part II
...Your nightmare continues.
Haunted Homepage
Check out this interactive haunted house with several different endings. BOO! Did I scare you?
Bone Garden Estate
Finished with the haunted house? How about this 5 story haunted estate complete with, basement, secret passages and of course a cemetery.

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