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Mystical IQ
Test your knowledge of the mysterious, myths and superstitions.
The Eight Ball Answers
Ask the magic 8-ball a question and the answer will be revealed.
Tree Types
Certain trees are connected to certain dates. Type in your birthday and be amazed at what you learn.
Tree Types
Similar to the test above but tells you what type of tree you are associated with and has a slightly different explaination.
Enter your name to find it's meaning or enter a meaning to find the name.
I didn't know what it meant either. In short, it means, what's in a name. Just type in your name and see if the description sounds like you.
Click on the "horoscopes" link at the top of the page. Scroll down and click on your birth sign. From there, you can get your daily, weekly, teen, romantic, love and business horoscopes. You can also get a profile on your sun and planet signs, a personal profile or find out about your favorite celebrities. (Sign up for their $1,000,000 drawing while you are there)
The Birthday Game
Were you born? Enter your birthday and you could win $5 Million!
Intelligent Magic
The first step toward learning your fortune is to pick your path. Your answers will determine your fate.
Daily Horoscopes
Get your horoscope for yesterday, today or tomorrow.
Another for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Astrology Online
Find out in depth details about your zodiac sign.
HiCards Horoscopes
This daily horoscope has a star (*) rating. Read the KEY there to see what they mean.
Daily Horoscope
Check out your daily horoscope here.
Weekly Horoscope
Plan a week ahead...
Monthly Horoscope
...or a month ahead.
Click on your sign, then on your significant others to see how compatible you are...or aren't.
Love Match Meter
Is it a match made in heaven? Just type in your name and birthday and that of your sweetie to see what you rate as a "love match" on a 1 to 5 scale.
Love Compatibility
Here is a good one. Type in your name and birthday and that of your "other half" and read what is good and not so good about your relationship.
Magellan Horoscopes
Several links to horoscope sites.
Find out which famous people share your birthday. View your year, growth, personality or character tarot card. Find out your Chinese birth sign and description.
Birthday Facts
Here you can find out what day of the week you were born, what Chinese year you were born and what it all means.
Chinese Zodiac
Enter your birth year to find your birth pet, then see what it stands for. I think these are amazingly accurate.
Chinese Zodiac
Similar to the one above but gives some other information.
Chinese Horoscopes
This version gives a more in depth description of your Chinese sign. It may help you understand your personality traits. (Or someone elses)
Egyptian Horoscope
See which Egyptian God is governing your birth sign and what it means.
Star Trek Zodiac
Here you go Star Trek fans! Check out this site created by a true "trekkie" and find out if you are a Trill, Klingon, Vulcan or one of the other Star Trek characters. (Don't forget to sign the guestbook while you are there.)
Past Life
Enter your last name, the name of your birth city and your birthday and see what it says you were in a past life.
The True Fortunes
Clear your mind, then click on the globe that attracts you the most to read your "true fortune."
Did you know that there are 3 types of birthstones? They are modern, traditional and mystical. Here you can see pictures, get care instructions and find out about the mystical properties your birthstone.
The Lore of Astrology
Go here for an introduction to the twelve sun signs and find out some of the well known people that share your birth sign.
FREE Psychic Reading
Psychic readings and all kinds of advice.
Free Numerology Reading
Discover your life's path, how others see you and more with this free reading.
Free Astro Chart
Free astrological chart wheel gif with interpretation created especially for you.
Astro Chart
Get a free 2 page sample report and options for more in-depth paid reports.
The Cards Of Destiny
Enter your birth date and month to find out about you. Then, read about your karma by clicking on the 2 links at the bottom of your card.
Tarot Reading
This is a free 3 card short version. (They also offer a full reading pay version)
Tarot Reading
Sign up for a free tarot card reading. Choose different types of readings such as future suggestions, daily suggestions, daily inspiration and inner self. There are also 3 tarot decks to choose from.
Get a free tarot, I-ching, bio-rhythm, or runes reading here.
Mystic House
Get a free 3 card tarot reading, a 7 day tarot outlook and a runes reading here.
Cast the stones here.
Madame Modine
Divination by dice, numerology, card fortunes, astrology and more at this fun site.
Matrix Oracles
See what tomorrow will bring with astrology, tarot, runes, I-ching, numerology and more.
Madame Fijahka
Ever meet a smart-alec gypsy? The answers to your questions are a little hard to read (in the balloon to the right of the gypsy) but they are funny.
Ask The A.P. Staff
You may ask the Angels' Play staff 1 specific question. The answer is posted on a message board. They say, if you don't want your answer posted, don't ask the question.
The Great Goosini-Handwriting Analysis
Your handwriting says a lot about you. Just write the sentence given to you and compare certain things with the examples shown.
The Great Goosini-Shall Read Your Palm
See all those little lines on your palm? Well, compare them to the pictures here and see what they mean.
Madame See
Ask a question of Madame See or ask the magic 8-ball. There are even fortune cookies here.
Psychic Ant Pharm
Got a question? Ask and it shall be ants-ered!
The Amazing Stupendo
Answer a few questions and "The Amazing Stupendo" will read your mind.
ESP Page
Think of a number and this mind reader page will tell you what your number is. Pretty amazing.
ESP Test
Now it's YOUR turn to show off your esp skills. Just click on the button next to the symbol you think is on each card.
Game-Zone ESP Test
Just click under the shape you think will come up next. Since the shapes are not picked until after you make your selection, this also tests your ability to predict the future.
ESP Test
Try this 15 question test to rate your ESP ability.
Dream Dictionary
Have a dream last night? Look it up in the dream dictionary.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted
This is the online version of an actual book in which you can look up just about any dream imaginable.
Think about your dream and choose from the lists of animals, places, actions, things and people. Next, click on "analyze now" to see what it all means.

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