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A 9 piece puzzle of a very pretty little girl.
Here is a pretty 12 piece puzzle of wild birds.
There is something fishy going on here!
Sliding tile picture puzzles. Just click on "puzzles" to choose from 18 different ones.
Tile Slider Thingy
There is only one puzzle here.
Web Puzzler
Many fun slider type puzzles to choose from.
Mutating Puzzles
These are really different. When you click on two pieces to switch them, they change size to fit the spot you are moving them to. Face Painting, Snow, Fireworks and Batik may be too big for WebTV but there are several others that work fine.
Colin's Cool Puzzle Program
There are different size sliders here.
Number Puzzle
This is a slider type game done with numbers. Very tricky.
Bill's Sliders
More fun sliders.
Shuffle by The Gamers Inn
This is a graphic puzzle game.
Chirping Bird Communications
This is a nice BIG slider puzzle.
Tile Sliding-Car
A pretty red car slider puzzle.
Tile Sliding-Numbers
Here is a good number slider game.
Here is a nice 5 number, Flash slider puzzle.
Number Slider
Here is another good number puzzle but this one has 15 tiles.
Sliding Puzzle
There are two sliders here.
Arrange the letters from A-O in order.
A man and his dolphin.
A group of people. Click on "puzzle" at the bottom of the page.
Haunted Halloween Puzzle
Check out this haunted house puzzle.
Here is a cute teddy bear puzzle.
Click on "games" here for this soccer action slider puzzle.
Ozark 1
Here is the first of three from the Ozarks...
Ozark 2
Here is number two...
Ozark 3
And here is number three.
Three cute ones here. Betty Boop, Charlie Brown and Winnie the Pooh.
Slide Homer Slide
Here's one for the Simpsons fans.
Lighthouse in winter scene.
Igor's Puzzle
Click on "switch" for a new puzzle.
A very cute little kitten.
Wildlife Art
Here is another bird, but I am not sure what kind.
Net4TV Slider Puzzle
Try a slider of the Net4TV logo.
Slide Puzzle
This one has a unique feature. There is a red line on the right that fills up as you get pieces in the correct places.
Sliding Photo Puzzle
There are 7 puzzles here. Most are of Beanie Babies and one is of Star Wars characters.
How about a 9 piece spider slider.
If 9 pieces aren't enough, how about a 25 piece spider slider.
Twelve pieces with a dinosaur theme.
This puzzle and the next 2 are for the Xena fans. This nine piece puzzle is Xena.
This one is a 9 piece of Callisto.
And this one is a 9 piece of Gabrielle.
REO Speedwagon
Here is a toughy. The pieces move left to right or top to bottom. You may be putting one row in the right order, but messing up another.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Here is my first attempt at making my own puzzles. It is just a simple nine piece puzzle of a camping scene.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Here is my second attempt. Twenty pieces to make a pretty cottage scene. A little tougher than the first...hmmm?
Castle Jigsaw Puzzle
Here is a fun one. You can swap pieces by clicking on the first piece, then the one you want to swap it with. You also have to rotate pieces to get them right side up!
Abstract Jigsaw Puzzle
This one works like the one above, but it uses color combinations rather than a picture. A very challenging puzzle.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Not only is this a 16 piece jigsaw puzzle instead of a slider, it is animated too!
Jigsaw Puzzle
An 18 piece puzzle of 3 puppies and only one bone. Oh, my!
Here is a very pretty 24 piece puzzle of a winter scene at Christmas time.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Check out the 2 cute kids and their best friend ready to go fishing in this 30 piece puzzle.
Jigsaw Puzzles
Lots of puzzles and lots of fun. There are 10 assorted size jigsaw puzzles here.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Here is a frustrating little puzzle for you. You can only add a piece if the ones around it are correct.

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