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Sesame Street Stories
Lots of great stories starring your favorite Sesame Street characters. (Unfortunately, the create your own story book section here does not work with WebTV.)
A Day With Felicity
Spend a day with Felicity and help her choose her own adventure!
Dunnbar Bound
Ahoy, Matey! This is a choose your own adventure story about pirates.
A Scary Story
Do you know halloween safety? Try this interactive halloween story.
Santa's Elf Hall Of Fame
Put your cursor over each elf statue and see what happens. When you CLICK on each statue, you will be able to read his or her full story.
Real Audio Stories
Listen to complete sound tracks of Theodore Tugboat episodes.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Click the letters for a cute Thanksgiving poem.
Quick Poems
Three short, story telling poems.
Minute Stories
Read "Spicy Meatball" and "Bad Hair Day." Two very cute short stories by Emmett Scott.
Online Bedtime
Read about "The Beast And Me" in this longer, bedtime type story.
Johnny Tractor Storybook
Read about Johnny Tractor and his pals in this John Deere storybook.
BAB Books Online Stories
Nice selection of children's, fully illustrated online stories.

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