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World Series Trivia
Help lead your favorite team to the world series title. Win games by correctly answering baseball trivia questions. Get through the "League Series" then on to the "Championship Series." Win that, and you are "World Series" bound. Good luck! (My thanks to Kevin for sending me this great game!)
Trivia Golf
Hey golfers! Check out 18 holes of fun. This trivia quiz, all about golf, scores 1 stroke for a right answer, 2 strokes for a wrong answer and keeps your score card for you.
Sports Trivia
The "4 seasons" sports fan may choose general sports. But, if you are a specialist, choose baseball or football. Huge 5,000 question archives too.
MSO Trivia
Free registration is required here. Then, create your own interactive trivia quizzes. Set the time limit, number of questions, categories, difficulty and how many questions per page.
RBBB Ringmaster Quiz
Choose easy, intermediate or advanced, then step into the spotlight, the ringmaster quiz is waiting for you.
Gaming Quiz
Try some trivia about famous computer games.
Mortal Kombat Quiz
Think you know all there is about Mortal Kombat? We'll see!
Myst Quiz
Haven't had enough of video game quizzes? Let's see how you do with this 50 question Myst Quiz.
Pokemon Quiz
O.K. Pokemon fans, now is your chance to see how much you REALLY know!
Jurassic Park Quiz
There are 3 levels with 7 questions each but you must get all seven right to move to the next level.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
This site is not associated with the show, but if you want to see how you would do under the same circumstances, check this out. They provide over 6,000 multiple choice questions, in sets of 15 questions of increasing difficulty, just like the show.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Great version made for WebTV! I couldn't stop playing it! Includes phone a friend, ask the audience and 50/50 lifelines, but watch out, they aren't always right.
Who Wants To Be A Saintly Millionaire?
More great millionaire trivia, but this time it is all Bible related. Also includes 50/50, ask the audience and phone a friend lifelines.
Television Trivia
Check this out TV fans. Trivia about all your favorite animated, game, teen and sci-fi shows and lots more.
This is a very unique trivia game in which you have to guess the movie title by the screen shot. There's just one catch...the actors and actresses have been removed from their clothes.
What happened to these movie clips? See if you can figure out what characters have been cut out, what movies these space vehicles are from, what town you are in and more playing the visual trivia games here.
Movie Quizzes
You need paper and pencil for these text quizzes about your favorite movies. Figure out the movie punchlines, limericks, narratives, songs and lots more.
Movie Trivia
A mixture of trivia related to movies, movie quotes, Oscar winners and more.
Celebrities Trivia
Try your hand at trivia about actors, actresses, hosts, emcees and musicians.
Entertainment Trivia
All sorts of quizzes about Hollywood, comics, wrestling, Digimon, Pokemon and more of the fun things in life.
Animal Trivia
Trivia quizzes about all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, bats, horses, birds and who knows what else.
General Trivia
Try to get 7 of 10 correct to move to the next level.
Trivia Net
Test your knowledge of arcane, obscure or otherwise useless facts. Choose from miscellaneous or sports trivia.
Trivia Online
There wll be no picking of favorite categories here! Questions from all different categories. From music to religion and everything in between.
80's Games and Trivia
Remember way back to the 80's? Well, here you can test your memory with trivia about movies, music, etc...
Simpsons Trivia Castle
Try his trivia for the Simpsons fans.
Discovery Mind Games
Play someone in time, name that plane, and missing link.
Trivia Challenge
Play daily and weekly trivia games here and work your way up the ranks to be "trivia guru."
The Quiz Site
Try your hand at the 20 question mega quiz, the pop quiz or quizzes about biography, music, television and more.
Christmas Trivia Quiz
Try your luck at this, 30 multiple choice question, quiz all about Christmas.
Christmas Trivia Quiz II
Thirty more, all about Christmas.
Christmas Trivia Quiz III
Ten more questions just as tough as the ones above!
Fairy Tale Trivia
You remember your fairy tales, don't you? I bet there are some things you didn't know in this 24 question quiz.
Stephen King Trivia
See how much you know about the "King" of creepy and his work.
Ranger Rick's Quiz Yourself
Test your knowledge of endangered species, our public land, wetlands and water with these educational quizzes.
History Trivia
Sixteen questions that showed me how little I know! (I never was any good at history) :)
Science Quiz
For you smarties out there, here is a four level science quiz with 32 questions in all. It includes questions about geology, biology and all those other "ologies"
Science Quiz 1
The first of 3 more quizzes for you science fiends.
Science Quiz 2
Number 2.
Science Quiz 3
Number 3.
Literary Trivia
Test your knowledge of books and literature with these tough trivia questions.
Planet Trivia
Here is a nice little Flash trivia game that will help you learn about the planets.
Archie Trivia
Trivia about your favorite Archie comics characters. (Flash)
Album Cover Game
Remember those round plastic things we called record albums? Well, in this game you are given hints to the name of an album. Each time you click "hint" a scrambled portion of the cover is revealed. Try to guess the title before you lose the 1000 points you start out with.
Music Match
Click on one of the 15 notes to hear a song, then pick the correct title. (kid's songs)
Beatles Trivia
Here you go Beatles fans, 150 questions about your favorite group and their music.
Fab Four Trivia
Seventy five more about the Fab Four.
REO Speedwagon Trivia
Here are 24 questions for REO fans.
REO Speedwagon Trivia
Thirty more questions for REO fans.
REO Speedwagon Trivia
Wow, 100 more, but write the answers down and don't hit "reveal" until you are through or you will see more than one answer.
REO Speedwagon Lyrics Challenge
Think you know all the lyrics to REO songs? Test yourself here.
Mr.Blunt's Quiz
Are you an expert on Hip Hop? Try one of Mr. Blunt's 10 question quizzes to see just how much you know.
Kids Midi Movie Quiz
Pick which movie the songs come from.
Romance Midi Movie Quiz
If you are into romantic movies, take this quiz.
Movie Midi Quiz
This is for the all around movie buff.
TV Quiz
How well do you know the music from your favorite TV shows?
TV Quiz
If your specialty is the 80's...
TV Quiz
Or a mix of the 70's, 80's and 90's.
TV Trivia
Nice assortment of trivia for the TV viewer. Lots of questions about Friends, Ally McBeal, Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Charmed.
Star Trek Trivia
Check out the 300+ trivia questions King Trekkie has put together for all you Star Trek fans out there.
Xena Trivia
Tons of trivia for the Xena fans. Scroll down to "electronic quizzes" for 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard as well as 24 guest submitted quizzes.
Movie Stills Trivia
Try to name the movies from six still shots. Earn points to be eligible for prizes.
Tinseltown Trivia
Test your knowledge of Oscar winning actors, actresses and movies in this Flash game.
Star Wars Trivia
How much do you know about the Star Wars Trilogy? Let's find out!
Movie Trivia 1
More for the movie fan-atics with 2 more to come.
Movie Trivia 2
You really haven't seen ALL of those movies...have you?
Movie Trivia 3
WOW...The video store must LOVE you!
007 Trivia
Up on your 007 trivia? You know..Bond..James Bond. Take this quiz to find out.
James Bond Trivia
You can test your Bond knowledge by movie title here. You have to email your answers for a chance to be listed on the high score page.
James Bond Millionaire
Yup! More James Bond, but this time it is in Who Want's To Be A Millionaire style. You are even allowed 3 hints. (lifelines)
Trivial Task
Ten TV trivia questions.
The Knowledge Chamber Trivia
A self scoring, instant feedback trivia question game.
Lost Temple Trivia
Try to get the adventurer across the screen by answering multiple choice trivia questions. Choose from 4 categories and get a randomly selected easy, average or hard question. An incorrect answer costs you time. Succeed in moving the adventurer across the screen and get 1 bonus question. Fun game!
Trivia Wars
Over 60,000 questions to test your knowledge of the world around you.
Interesting Facts 1
The first of 3 quizzes dealing in interesting facts of assorted subjects.
Interesting Facts 2
Number 2.
Interesting Facts 3
Number 3.
Who's Who & What's What
Try a quiz about what is in the news. Play a new trivia quiz daily, Monday thru Friday.
Weekly News Quiz
How about a weekly quiz related to articles found in the N.Y. Times.
Computers And Internet Quiz 1
Test your knowledge of computers and the internet with this quiz and the next two.
Computers And Internet Quiz 2
Number 2.
Computers And Internet Quiz 3
Number 3.
Search Your Brain
See if a search of your brain turns up the right answers to these trivia questions.
Treasures Of The Deep
Test your knowledge of ship wrecks and deep sea diving with this Flash trivia game.
Trivia Search
Trivia game with thousands of questions. Just register, pick a category and go!
Test your legal knowledge with, "D.A. Pursuit of Justice."
Multiple choice trivia with a few hangman type word games thrown in.
Majority Rules
A survey question game in which you have to pick which answer the majority of the people said. Fun.
Trivial Pursuit
Like the board game, but better.
Daily Quiz Show
Three randomly chosen rounds of 10 questions each. You have to be SMART for this one!
That's A Fact, Jack!
There are so many trivia questions and answers here that you might find some to help you with some of the above games and quizzes.
Did You Know?
All sorts of interesting facts about nature and wildlife from Ranger Rick.
Educational Contests
Try these math, word or trivia tests for a chance to win one of three weekly $100 prizes.
Trivia World
Register free to compete for prizes against players from around the world or, play for fun just by clicking on "play trivia." Choose from categories such as sports, history, movies & tv and more.
Fast moving, 15 question trivia games that start every 15 minutes. Play against others online and choose from categories such as sports, general and entertainment.
Here are 3, 10 question trivia quizzes with assorted subjects.
The aliens called Grunndargh, passing through our solar system, are planning to take over Earth. Why? Because they don't feel we Humans know enough about our Earth to run it very well. Can you prove you are a GeoChampion and save Earth? (Geography trivia for grades 4 and up)
Explorer's Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge of ships, places, equipment and explorers with this 30 question quiz.
What In The World?
Click on What In The World in the pull down menu and see if you can identify the items shown in the pictures. (Hint: They all have to do with the Air Force)
Flags Of The World
Put the letter near each flag in the box under the map of the country that flag represents.
Pirate Trivia
Test your knowledge of Pirates, Buccaneers, Treasure Island and more.
Culture Quiz 1
The first of 3 quizzes to see how much you know about our culture.
Culture Quiz 2
Number 2.
Culture Quiz 3
Number 3.
Practical Quiz 1
The first of 3 quizzes dealing with everyday situations.
Practical Quiz 2
Number 2.
Practical Quiz 3
Number 3.
Yeah! They are back! (almost) No prizes yet, but stop here daily for riddles, trivia and more.
Bible Trivia
Over 30 categories and 4,600 Bible related questions. Try the Whole Bible, New Testament or Old Testament.
Bible Challenge
Here you will find 50 questions to test your knowledge of the Bible.
Back To The Bible - Weekly
Try the weekly quiz to test your Bible knowledge here or...
Back To The Bible - Classic
...try the 300 question classic quiz here. Broken down into 20 question quizzes, you may choose the difficulty level and subject such as people, events, chronology, geography and doctrine.
Bible Match Game 1
In this game and the next 8, you must choose your answers from the pull down menus on the left. As you use the answers, they will be checked off the list on the right. For the next eight games I will give only the subject and number of questions like this... Original names of Bible characters. (12)
Bible Match Game 2
Where are these stories found? (10)
Bible Match Game 3
Who said that? (14)
Bible Match Game 4
Events in the life of...(12)
Bible Match Game 5
Couples. (13)
Bible Match Game 6
Parents and children. (14)
Bible Match Game 7
Occupations. (13)
Bible Match Game 8
Where, oh, where? (10)
Bible Match Game 9
What does it say? (10)
Multiple Choice
See how well you do with this and the next 2 games which are multiple choice questions relating to the Bible. Just click the red dot next to your choice, then on the "click when finished" button. The dots next to the correct answers will turn green.
Multiple Choice 2
See above.
Multiple Choice 3
See above.
New Testament
See if you can list the 27 books of the New Testament in order using the pull down menus.
Old Testament
If you have learned the New Testament above, how about learning the 39 books of the Old Testament

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