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Hit the ball with the paddle. Remember?
How different can pong be?
Ping Pong
This is the slower version...
Ping Pong 2
...and this is the faster version.
Here is one with a good sized playing field.
An excellent 1-player game.
VPong 2
An equally excellent 2-player game.
Bounce the ball to break the bricks. Like the arcade game breakout. Set the speed to slow or medium.
Boogle Killer
These guys are almost too cute to kill. Choose from easy, hard or very hard. It even tells you how many you miss.
Alphabet Attack
Limber up those fingers, put your "Caps Lock" on and test your typing skill with this video type game.
Sniper Shootout
This is a reflex testing, shooting game with 3 formats.
It's finally here! Check it out! Timing is everything. Pacman will move in one direction until you hit another arrow key. Try to hit the arrow key one dot before you want to turn.
All you have to do is jump from wall to wall without falling in the holes. It's harder than it looks!
Three misses and you lose in this Flash jumping game. Help Eggy jump over 20 bombs in his minecar and be entered for the monthly drawing.
Click on the jump button when the power level is just right to get Scrambles across the screen. Complete three tricky levels to be eligible for a monthly prize drawing. (Flash)
This is for the skateboarders out there. Jump over the cones dropped by the truck. The changes in speed can be tricky...and painful judging by the sound!
Guide the spider to the 4 corner control stations of the maze without getting "vaporized."
This is a collect the hearts and get to the exit maze. Click H for the instructions then S to start the game. Use 2, 4, 6, 8, to move.
Catch The Frog
Help Billy Bear catch the frogs in the pond without getting touched by butterflies. Collect sunshine and ice cream for extra points.
Alpine Skiing
Control your skiier by clicking the ###. Avoid the trees and go for the jumps. If your skiier disappears after a jump, just click the ### once to make him reappear. But, be careful, he just might land right in front of a tree. OUCH!
Help Rollette get through the garden maze without touching any bugs. EEEK!
Cell Block H
Try to catch Joan the Freak, escapee from cell block H, 10 times without catching Officer Morris.
The Trees Through The Forest
Find the hidden spot in the forest in as few tries as possible.
Da Bomb
How many tries will it take you to find "da bomb?"
Turkey Shoot
Click on the small picture at the bottom center of the screen, point your cursor where you see the turkey flying in the big picture, and hit return to shoot. M-m-m..turkey dinner!
This is a tricky little shooting game. Hit the alien space ship.
Put your cursor over the weapon to move it and blast away at those little alien pods. You don't see the rockets firing, but you can tell when it's a "hit."
Destroy enemy ships as they enter from hyperspace before they can penetrate Earth's defences.
Robot Shoot
In this game you must shoot the robots. And I have another hint for you. You don't run out of time, but you DO run out of ammo. So, the best way to play is watch where the robots go and wait for them to repeat their path. Hit your arrow key once then hit return to fire. If you hit 15 robots out of 30 shots you win the game.
Ring Toss
Use the power meter to decide when to toss the rings in this 3 level Flash game. If you complete all 3 levels with a perfect score, you may enter your name for the monthly prize drawing.
Ball Toss 2
Similar to the game above. Click on the hand to toss the ball when the power meter is just right and complete all 3 levels to be entered for a monthly prize drawing. (Flash)
Here we go hoop shooters. Make all six shots without a miss to be entered for the monthly prize. (Flash)
Flash Bandicoot
Well, I don't know what a Bandicoot is, but the object is to collect the cans. All you have to do is click the box at the lower right of the game screen to jump and collect the cans while avoiding the porcupines. If the can is on the ground, run into it without jumping.
Old West Shoot 'Em Up
Test your speed against this strange bunch of characters. Click on "go" then hit your space bar to shoot as soon as you see the bad guy go for his gun. (Flash)
Shooting Gallery
Click on the gun at just the right time to hit the target. Get 10 hits before you get 10 misses to win the game. (Flash)
Atomic Ball
Click on as many balls as you can in 30 seconds. There is no counter, so you have to keep track yourself. (Flash)
Captain Cleanwater's Aquarium
Read the question, then look for the answer near the fish on the bottom left. Then try to click on the same kind of fish as it swims on the right to get a point.
Fire Fighter
Put out the fires by turning the water casks in the right direction to extinguish the flame, but don't spill the water. It's scarce and you will need every drop.
Short Circuit
Connect the wires to the bulbs but make a wrong connection and...SHORT CIRCUIT!
Rubik's Anglers
The object of this game is to catch ALL of the fish using ALL of the fishing line provided without crossing any lines. (Levels 8 and up do not work with WebTV)
Turtle Bridge
Deliver the bags from one side of the water to the other without stepping on the turtles.
Cube 3-D Puzzle
This rubik's cube isn't flat. Check it out. It's really good.
Rubik's Connection
Actually from Rubik, play this online connection game with all the brain baffling power of the Rubik's Cube. Simply connect the 2 dots of the same color. Easy, right? (Level 10 does not work with WebTV)
Rubik's Connection (New)
New levels played the same as the game above.
Rubik's Connection 2
How about connecting MORE than 2 buttons of the same color?
One of my favorite games!
...and another...
This one says to use the numbers, but it works when you click on the game screen. Click ON the piece to rotate it and left or right of it to move it.
Yes, tetris, but better. It even has real tetris music!
Click on the game screen to move the pieces. Click ON the piece to rotate it and left or right of it to move it. All pieces have 3 tiles.
Same as above, but all pieces have 5 tiles.
Roof Drop-Shapes
In this colors type game, you only need 2 of the same shape to remove them. When you empty a vertical row, the columns move together creating more possible combinations. Don't worry, the game lets you know when there are no more matches.
Roof Drop-Balls
This game works the same as the above game except it uses only balls of different colors.
Something like tetris in reverse. You have to REMOVE the pieces.
Same Game
Try to remove all the balls by clicking on clusters of 3 or more of the same color. The larger the cluster, the higher the score. The connected balls change in size to show which ones will disappear when you click on them. The box on the bottom right shows the point value of the click. Nice version!
Web Same
Erase connected pieces of the same shape and different shape pieces drop into the empty spaces. Clear the whole screen for a bonus.
Ace Same Puzzle
Choose easy, normal or difficult and score points by eliminating groups of same color pieces. The more in a group, the more points.
Same Game
Another version of the above games.
Another game similar to sames but this one tells you how many moves you have left to clear the board.
This game is hard to explain. Just go take a look at it. O.K?
Cursor Rallye
Not to easy for us WebTVers (no mouse) but still fun. Put your cursor on the start arrow (but don't click) and wait for the green light. Now use your arrow keys to drive the race course. If you crash, go back to the start arrow and try again.
SuperRally 2K
Steer the green car by moving on to the arrows. Try not to CRASH!
Minecart Frenzy
Steer the minecart through the maze.
Surf H2ML
For you surfer dudes, try not to wipe out.
Captain Cleanwater's Maze
Help Captain Cleanwater find the source of pollution. But, watch out for the crabs.
Help Spider
Someone had stolen Spider's contraband and hidden it somewhere on the prison grounds. You have to move Spider like a chess knight (one space then two or two spaces then one) and search the grounds.
Angelica Pie Toss
Click on start, then successfully hit the target on Cynthia's belt to see Angelica from the Rugrats get a pie in the face. (Flash)
Muriel and The Shark
Help Muriel cross the water without drowning. (Or getting eaten by sharks!)
Muriel's Quest
A maze type game in which you help Muriel reach her destination with beer in her belly.
Muriel is Drinking Again
Try to empty all of the pint glasses. Like "lights out" what you do with one affects others. Tricky!
Remember the saying about putting your eggs in one basket? Well, that's just what you have to do here. Be careful not to bump into the pails or chicks or you will have one big omelette!
Gold Runner
Try to get the gold before the police get you. Let the graphics load, then use 2 to climb down, 8 to climb up, 4 to move left, 6 to move right...and if they are getting to lose use z to dig left and x to dig right.
It starts out easy, but when you go to the higher stages, WOW! All you have to do is push the boxes over the dots without trapping yourself.
Similar to the two above but with 90 levels?! OUCH!
Fourmi (ANT)
Help this busy little ant clean up the place by pushing the seeds into the holes. Thirteen levels. Don't get trapped.
Move Lexter through the maze, to the door, by clicking the arrows on the right in the direction you want to move. Arrow blocks can only be moved in the direction of the arrow. Blocks with a plus sign (+) can be moved in any direction. Click the small box under the down arrow for more detailed instructions and hints.
Same instructions as above.
Lex Junior
Same instructions as above.
Tricky! Move the green ball through the maze to collect the yellow gems. The ball goes in one direction until it hits a brick. Use the green SQUARE to change the direction of the green BALL. You'll get the hang of it.
Khuong Man
He's a hungry little guy. Feed him!
Puzzling Pepperonis
Find and click on the pepperoni that will take you to the next level. If you take too long, you go back one level. If you click on a green pepperoni, you go back to the beginning.
Flash Battle Clowns
You will be given a sequence of lights to repeat before the timer runs out. If you succeed, Clown will play a trick on his friend. If not, it's the other way around.
Pop as many balloons as you can in 50 seconds by clicking on the robots to make them hop. You need good timing for this one!
Balldrop 2
Help Eggy drop a ball into a bucket, knock down bowling pins and knock the pins into the bucket to be eligible for a monthly prize drawing.
Clear the rows of dots before they all light up by hitting the "A" buttons. You have to be quick.
Close All Books
This is a tough one. When you click on a book to close it, it affects all other books in that row or column. The open ones close and the closed ones open. Have fun!
Test your reflexes by trying to close the coffins before Dracula escapes.
Another "lights out" type game. It drives ME crazy!
Lights Out
This lights out game has 5 levels to choose from.
Officer's Lock Up
Same idea as "lights out" but played with cell doors.
Another crazy lights game.
Here's a little different lights out type game. It is done using Flash animation. Try to get all of the cats into the holes at the same time.
Mouse Hunt
Now that you are finished with the cats, here are some mice to play with. Click on the mouse to see what danger befalls him. Click on him again to release him. Recapture him for a new danger. Click on the top mouse trap to start the game.
World Dot Clicking Championship
Click as many dots as you can in 30 seconds then read what your ranking is.
Hit The Dot
See how many lit dots you can hit in 30 seconds.
Cyber Hunt
More reflexes. Catch the little smiley guy as many times as you can in 25 tries.
How many boxes can you check in 20 seconds?

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