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Diehard Jumbles
A jumbled word game. Find as many words as you can from a letter grid.
I like this place. Print out jumbles just like the ones in the newspaper.
Word Scramble Generator
Scramble up to 999 words to create a printable jumble type game. Enter how many words you want to scramble, your name and subject of the puzzle and the list of words. The first page to print has the answers and the second has the puzzle.
James Bond Jumbles
Check out this jumbled word game relating to James Bond. For the true 007 fan.
Crossfigure Puzzles
Tricky printable number puzzles. You need logic and math skills here!
Number Puzzles
Tons of crossnumber puzzles to print and solve.
Create Your Own Number Blocks
Enter the size of the puzzle and the range of numbers for this different type print and play puzzle.
Create Your Own Math Square
Another print and play for the math fan.
Jumble and Crossword Solver
Stuck on a word? Check this out.
Multilingual Crossword Search Tool
Get crossword puzzle help in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.
Crossword Helper
Here you can enter partial words with a "." in the blanks and you get a list of words that fit the puzzle.
Crossword Puzzle
Click on "print out an image" for the puzzle here. There is a new puzzle each month. After you solve each puzzle, go back to it online and click on the puzzle to reveal the answers. (No peeking!)
Crossword Puzzles
This is the archive for the printable N.Y. Times crossword puzzles. They should keep you busy for a while.
Philly News Crosswords
Great selection of interactive crossword puzzles. Choose small or large puzzles and text size. You can have each answer checked as you play and you can even save your puzzle in a favorites folder to complete at another time.
Alice In Puzzleland
Click on the grid to print out this heart shaped puzzle, then fill in the blanks with the words provided. There are no clues to this puzzle that uses an "Alice In Wonderland" theme.
World's First Crossword Puzzle
Print and solve the first crossword puzzle printed in 1913.
Bible Crossword
Here is a printable puzzle with the subject...Occupations in the Old Testament.
Bible Crossword
The subject of this printable puzzle is Gospel Quotes.
Create Your Own Cryptogram
Enter the phrase to encrypt, pick the type of characters to replace the letters then print and play.
Cryptic Crosswords
Webtvers, select the printer friendly version of these puzzles. Use the archive link to go to 60 more puzzles, then click on "printer friendly."
Puzzle Paradise!
If you are a fan of codebreaker, cryptic, missing vowel and anagram crosswords take a look here. Nice selection of printable and Java version puzzles.
Codebreaker Crosswords
There are about 10 puzzles here. Use the printer friendly link for WebTV.
Anagram Crosswords
Select the HTML format to print and play these puzzles. Each answer is an anagram of the clue! There is also an archive available for past puzzles.
Student.com Crosswords
A new puzzle each day.
Mental Gridlock
Here is a different kind of crossword puzzle. Solve the clues to fill in a grid, then take the numbered letters to complete a phrase.
British crosswords and word search puzzles. Some interactive and some printable.
Crossword Puzzle
One puzzle here.
Two online puzzles here with more to come.
CRPuzzles Kriss Kross Puzzles
HUGE selection of printable kriss kross puzzles with difficulty ratings from 1 to 5 stars.
Create Your Own Criss Cross
Enter your words, clues and size of puzzle. Then you are ready to print and play.
Create Your Own Double Puzzle
Another to print and play. Choose numbered or scrambled letters, enter your words or phrase and have some fun.
Three logic problems to boggle (or should I say BOZZLE) your mind.
Brain Teasers
One new logic problem each week for grades 3/4, 5/6 and 7+. Archives of past problems too.
Logic Puzzles
Play 8 puzzles with 4 difficulty levels with an online grid. Just click once to x out an incorrect answer and click twice to put a dot in the correct box. FUN!
CRPuzzles Logic Puzzles
Over 130 logic problems ranging from a 2 star to a 5 star difficulty rating. Wow, there are some tough ones here!
Vocabulary Quizzes
In the 4 puzzles here, ranging from easy to very difficult, you must give the best definition of each word.
Word Picture Puzzles
Try to guess the everyday phrases from the picture puzzles here. There are 7 sets with 9 puzzles each.
Rozie's Ringers
Huge collection of picture puzzles known as rebus puzzles here. This will keep your mind active for a while!
Presidential Puzzle
They say it took President Kennedy 21 minutes to solve this 16 fact logic puzzle. Good luck!
Pokemon Word Search
This link and the next 2 are printable word search puzzles featuring Pokemon characters. Once all the names are found, the remaining letters reveal a hidden message.
Pokemon Word Search
Number 2.
Pokemon Word Search
Number 3.
Wordsearch Wonderland
Various printable wordsearch puzzles to solve.
CRPuzzles Word Search Puzzles
To play the puzzles here you must click on the name of the puzzle, then on "printable puzzle." I hope you are good at solving these because WebTV can't view the solutions.
Word Finder
This word search is tricky. Some words carry over to the next line and there is a timer to tell you how long it takes you to solve the puzzle.
Word Finder
Same as above, but in Italian.
Word Finder
Same as above, but in Spanish.
Word Scramble Creator
Even though this is called a word scramble generator, what it creates is what are known as word search puzzles. List the words you want in the puzzle, choose text and puzzle size and which directions you want the words to run. You will be given 2 printable pages. One has the puzzle and one has the answers.
Create A Word Search
Choose the size and puzzle options, then print and play.
Create A Word Search With Hidden Message
Type in the message you want, the size of the puzzle and some words, then print and solve.
Make Your Own Word Search
You supply the words and print out the puzzles. They can be as large or small as you like.
Make Your Own Word Search
Think of a title, choose a grid size, list up to 50 words, choose hard or easy, name it, date it, print it and play it!
Word Search
Tons of printable puzzles listed in the following categories...general, kid's, states, holidays, sports and tv-movies. These will keep you busy for a while!
Word Detective
Choose ready made easy, medium, hard or expert word search puzzles here or, create your own to print out or play online.
Wonderland Wordsearch
Print and solve this wordsearch game that uses an "Alice In Wonderland" theme.
Christmas Wordsearch
One printable wordsearch puzzle with a Christmas theme and secret word.
Word Search
Seventeen printable word search puzzles.
Canoe Puzzles
Four different types of puzzles here with archives of past puzzles. WebTV users need to print these out.
Add Them Up- If you are good with numbers, give these puzzles a try.
Hidden Quote- Word search in which after you find all the words what remains is the hidden quote.
Quote In A Box- Fill in the grid with the letters below it to complete the phrase.
Follow The Instructions- Start with a phrase, then follow the instructions and see what turns up.
Create Your Own Fallen Phrase
Enter a phrase at lease forty characters long to create this puzzle grid to print and play.
Create Your Own Letter Tiles
This ones is a little different. Enter the phrase to be scrambled and how many letters on each tile then have someone try to recreate the phrase.
Several printable word search, cryptograms and crossword puzzles.
Word Positions
Guess what the word means by it's position in the matrix.
Transform one word to another by changing one letter at a time.
Hidden Countries
Find the names of two countries hidden in each sentence.
20 Books
See if you can locate the names of the 20 books of the Bible in the paragraphs here. It is not easy. Some begin at the end of one word and continue with the beginning of the next word.
Check out these randomly selected word origin puzzles. They say they are the toughest word game on the web...I believe them!
Use the hints to figure out the everyday phrases we use that contain conflicting words.
Word Association
Figure out what these words mean in association to body parts.
Body Parts
Figure out these phrases that deal with body parts. (Example: Someone that loses at battle ship has "loose lips" from the phrase "loose lips sink ships")
Body Parts 2
Similar to the above, but these phrases have to do with the word "tongue."
Body Parts 3
This time you have to name the 10 body parts that only have 3 letters but, be careful, you lose points for incorrect guesses. (One in particular!)
Double Impact
Find the word, in the word, that is the meaning of the word. (Example: In the word "devil" you find the word "evil")
Try to use all 7 letters to make the best word in this scrambled word game.
There are European, United Kingdom and United States puzzles to choose from.
Try to figure out these 10 amazing anagrams!
A cross between anagrams and trivia. Read the clue and unscramble the letters for the answer.
Scrambled Eggs
Unscramble these anagrams of famous people, places or things.
Bill's Wordscram
Try to make words out of randomly picked letters.
Choose a category from movies, stars, animals, food and more, then unscramble the words.
Word Unscramble
Click on word unscramble in the pull down menu. Type your answers in the boxes then click on check work. Ten words per game.
Word Scramble
A cross between Scrabble and Boggle. Find as many words, 4 letters or more, as you can in two minutes.
There are three varieties of boggle here. The games have a time limit and the page automatically reloads when your time is up.
Word Prospector
This one will get your brain working. Find as many 4, 5 and 6 letter words as you can from one longer word. You score one point for each letter. You can also scramble the long word to see the letters in different order. (Weekly Contest)
Daily Word Prospector
Same description as above, except this one is a daily contest with a 5 minute time limit. (Think FAST!)
I had a link to this game a long time ago, then it disappeared. It is back in test mode and fun as ever. Play multiple games of Scribble (which is as close to Scrabble as you will ever get) at the same time. Just click on the board you want to play and the board is locked out to other players for a time. (About 3 minutes, I think)
Scrabble Challenge
In this game, everyone is playing the same board and letters. Once you have submitted your word, you are locked out for 30 minutes. Only the best words are added to the board which is updated every 15 hours.
Click on new game and click okay. Enter your name, email address and password and that of 3 other people and start your own game of cyber scrabble. Each person is emailed 7 random letters to play. When each person takes their turn, they must enter their word, how many points it is worth and their password. A new email is sent to each of the other players with the board update. After each turn, you are given letters to replace the used ones. Looks good and seems to work fine with WebTV!
Sounds Familiar
Try to figure out the famous people, places and things written in similar sounding words.
Sounds Familiar 2
More of the above.
Sounds Familiar 3
One more time!!
The Grey Labyrinth
Here is a large selection of puzzles to bend your mind.
The Spizzerinctum Page
Thy to pick the right definition for some VERY strange words.
Multi player word games. Compete and chat with other players online.
Twelve fun puzzles to challenge you.
Bill's Brain Teasers
If you like to figure out what vanity plates say, check this out.
Hint O Grams
Try to guess common phrases by these unusual representations.
Hint O Grams 2
More of the above...
Hint O Grams 3
...and more.
Word Equate
A mix between a number and word puzzle. For example: 2=T to T (answer: it takes two to tango)
Word Equate 2
Here's another example: 2=P in a P (answer: two peas in a pod) Are you getting the hang of it?
City & States
Fill in the blank with a city or town from the state mentioned. Example...Do you know how many ______ Evans got after falling off her horse in New York? Solution...Scarsdale (scars Dale)
Computer Jargon
Same as above using computer terms. Example...Don't ever ______ I'll wash your mouth out with soap. Solution...cursor (curse or)
Food Jargon
Same as above using foods. Example...They wouldn't ______ in without our press credentials. Solution...lettuce (let us)
Household Jargon
Same as above using household items. Example...Would the field goal kicker with the golden ______ up as much excitement as the quarterback with the golden arm? Solution...toaster (toe stir)
Vowel Exchange
Try to find the back to back words with the change in one vowel. Example...After a vampire BAT BIT me, I needed a rabies shot.
Guess What?
Choose a category from movies, stars, food, animals and more, the try to identify the word or phrase with no vowels.
Something like wheel of fortune, without the wheel. Multiple choice quiz games too.
Word Game
I didn't realize how many 4-letter words there were. (NO, not THAT kind!)
Bill's Word P.I.
Try to guess a 5 letter computer generated word.
Try to guess a 5 letter, computer generated word, or play one of the variations. The words must have 5 "unique" letters. Not easy.
String Theory
Like the "before and after" game on wheel of fortune. EX: Shirley Temple of Doom.
Initial Reaction
Identify people and things by their initials.
Animal Crackers
Use the clues to figure out words and phrases that include animal names.
Archie Printables
Here is a nice selection of printable games for kids including scrambles, word finds and mazes. Some are coloring pages too!
A Maze
Can you identify your location by the sign you see?
This is a printable number maze in which the numbers from start to finish have to total 54 without crossing the same number twice.
Create A Maze
Choose the shape, size and type of paths for your maze, then print and play.
Bill's Maze Generator
Creates mazes that you can print and play.

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